Thursday, October 22, 2009


Taryn loves having Uncle Robert home!

Robert and Ashley returned home just this past Sunday, October 18th. Robert completed all of his testing two weeks ago, and had his final appointment with the docs this past week. No cancer cells were found in his bone marrow. I feel the need to repeat...


Or anywhere else in his body either. Amanda's bone marrow has taken over nicely and things are going well. Robert has been off his TPN (nutrition IV) for almost two weeks. His appetite increases daily. I would know, he ate three pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad when he was at my house the other day! He eats a lot of little meals, he still can't eat as much in one sitting. Robert is gaining weight nicely, and his energy is returning bit by bit. Robert will be going up to Salt Lake monthly for check ups.
As you can see in the photo his hair is growing back quickly this time! Robert can be around children for short periods of time, but still avoids large crowds. He is doing so very well! We are so excited for that, and we are thoroughly enjoying having them home!

Ashley is busy unpacking and settling them back in at home. They have been making the rounds to hang out with family, and a few friends. I wish I had more pictures of the gatherings and welcoming! This is the only one I snapped when they were at my house. Taryn is sure that Uncle Robert came home just to be her BFF. Ashley stopped by the next day without him and Taryn asked, "where's Robert?" She was bummed he hadn't come too!

Thank you again so much for all your prayers and loving support of Robert and Ashley!