Monday, August 31, 2009

Super-Hero Birthday.

Robert's birthday was this past friday, our super hero is now 25. (How does it feel to save on car insurance Robert?) So Robdob didn't want cake, or cookies, or pie for his birthday, no... he wanted donuts. He still has had a hard time eating, and things tasting different, and donuts were what sounded the most declicious, so donuts it was! I topped off that donut with some candles, I know it's not an accurate count, but 25 candles on one little donut seemed excessive, you know? But if you want to think he is turning 6 instead of 25, be my guest.
I wonder what his wish was?? I have an idea... but let's not talk about it, we want it to come true after all. I love birthday wishes.
Robert reading his cards in his new sunglasses that I got him for his big B-day! He loves them. He wears them to bed, and in the shower. I told him it crosses the line to wear them while reading. I tell him, "think about your retinas"... So he does. What are sidekicks for, if not for protecting your retinas? Huh? Exactly.
Doesn't he look seriously delicious in them though? Okay, TMI? Sorry... We had a fun day, relaxing and eating donuts, we even went to Best Buy to look at laptops. His parents are getting him a new one for his b-day. I think I was more excited about it than he was. Our current laptop is a dinosaur.
Oh how I love him. Isnt he just so lovable? Anyone who meets him loves him. It's impossible not to, I think. Although, I am quite biased.

Robert is doing well, the doc is weening him off of his anti-rejection meds in hopes to see some GVHD pop up. He should be completely off of it in the next couple of weeks. Robert is still really nauseated, but some days are better. He is still on IV nutrition during the nights, and we are tying to maintain his weight and help him gain... not lose any! He is doing well for the most part. We have been so blessed and we are grateful for the love and support you all offer us. We apologize for not updating as much since we have been out of the hospital, but we hope to start posting more. Please continue praying for our Super hero, for his healing an health. We love you guys! You're the best!

All our love.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Message in the Sand!

Last week all us Las Vegas Squires peeps were at the beach. Our super heroes would have joined us under different circumstances and we missed them terribly! See...
Nonni taught Taryn and Tyler how to sign I love you for thier favorite super Aunt and Uncle!
Tyler, Karalee, Nonni & Taryn sharing all of our love with Robert and Ashley!

Well Ashpants, this one was for you! We know how you love a good message in the sand!
Here's to hitting the beach with everyone next summer! We'll help Robert and Ashley work on their goal to go to all their favorite beaches together!
We just want you two to know how much you are loved and missed by many!

Pssst, don't forget Robert's birthday is on Friday. Celebrating the big two-five! 25 years down, a hundred more to go! (You'll get in the Guinness Book for sure then ;0) Shoot him an email, phone call, pay him a visit! Whatever you can swing! Thank you!

*Robert is doing pretty well. About the same as last week. He is still on TPN, and hating it. He is still struggling with nausea and eating enough on his own. Slow and steady will win him the race there.
They are still waiting on signs of GVHD. They cut back on his anti-rejection meds every so often. They will keep doing this until he gets GVHD.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cupcakes and love.

Do you read Nie Nie? She has a blog also, she and her husband were in a plane crash a year ago, and she writes about her experience recovering and her challenges as well as her joys. I don't personally know her, but I find inspiration in the things she shares, especially going through the challenges that I have faced with Robert. Today she shared this quote on her blog:

"There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire,
which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which
kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity."
-Washington Irving

I love it. I have found it to be true. It's amazing the power that we all hold within and that we can call upon when needed.

As you all know this friday was my birthday! Robert and I had a fun time hanging out, and spending time together. We also enjoyed these beauties:

They were delicious. We got them from Mini's cupcakes. So cute and so yummy.

And these babies, I have been lusting after for a while. Mine and Robert's fam got them for me and I am super duper excited about them! Thank you to everyone for the cards, email, and phone calls giving me all the birthday love. I appreciate it so much!

Robert has been doing better each week. He is still getting IV nutrition at night time, but he is also eating more and hasn't been getting nauseated as much. He gets tired and still rests a lot, but all in all things are slowly improving! And we are so grateful. Thank you for praying for us and loving us! You are the best!

All our love.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Heroes Have Birthdays, Too!

And...their birthdays are THIS month!!! Ashpants' birthday is August 14th. Robdob's birthday is August 28th.

If you'd like to help them celebrate by sending them an email greeting, please send it to

If you'd like to send them a card or another type of birthday surprise, you may email Ashley at the above email address or send an email to to ask for their mailing address. For security and privacy reasons, we are choosing not to go public with their current address on the blog.

If any of you live or visit the Salt Lake area while Ashley and Robert are staying there, please pay them a visit! They are able to receive and greatly appreciate visits from friends and family. Robert is pretty much homebound except for his clinic and doctor's visits. Just call and let them know you'd like to stop by--if you need their phone number, you may email one of the above email addresses.

Robert Update: Robert went to the clinic today. His numbers are steady. His patelets are low, but not low enough to require a transfusion. Low platelets are a normal occurrence at this point. For another week, he will receive TPN nutrition while he sleeps to ensure that his nutritional and hydration needs are met.

Robert and Ashley keep themselves busy with a little walk on the days Robert feels well enough. Ashley has been cooking and baking to her heart's content. She told me about a Pesto Artichoke Calzone she made last night (Sounds divine! She said it was delish.). They also sleep (especially Robert) and read quite a bit. They are doing well and are in good spirits. Robert is getting better all the time. His taste buds are slowly returning. We're still waiting for some signs of Graft vs. Host Disease. Thank you for your continued prayers in their behalf.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some serious R&R

I am home recovering from our weekend with Ashley and Robert. And by recovering I mean dealing with the reality that sleeping in until 10am never happens at home. Sad, sad day. I am ecstatic to be back with my children, but I am already in deep missing. I miss the delicious food, the relaxing time, and the great company of some of my best friends. We had a wonderful weekend... this is how it went down.

It was all about hanging out with Ashley like we always do.(self taken car shots and all)

The boys they just hung out and relaxed. There were a lot of video games...

and goofiness.

A little of this.

And even a nap. Or two.

Ashley and I planned a menu and a grocery list and then we shopped our hearts out.

We had a blast at the farmer's market, even if it did start before 10am. Of course all of our shopping and planning led to this...

Raclette, so yummy, is a dinner where everyone cooks on the grill in the middle of the table. It makes for a slow and enjoyable dinner together with plenty of time for conversation.

Artichoke dip. Get in my belly!

Some more goofiness, but we were all business. Really.

Chocolate peanut butter cookie.
These were so delicious, honestly I am ready to make them again.

Homemade yellow cupcakes with a raspberry buttercream. These cupcakes reminded Ashley and I of sugar cookies. But light and airy. So scrumptious.

I had so much fun, and ate way too much. But I have one question...
Hey Robert and Ashley, are you free this weekend?
*It was great to see Robert this weekend relaxing at home and recovering. He is tons better than the last time I saw him (which was just a few days after his transplant), and even seemed to continue to perk up and eat more over the three days we were there. He still gets TPN at night to ensure he is getting enough nutrition, and goes to the clinic twice a week for his testing. We are looking forward to the 100 day mark. Please continue to pray for some GVH. We love you all.