Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Heroes Have Birthdays, Too!

And...their birthdays are THIS month!!! Ashpants' birthday is August 14th. Robdob's birthday is August 28th.

If you'd like to help them celebrate by sending them an email greeting, please send it to ashley_ashworth@hotmail.com.

If you'd like to send them a card or another type of birthday surprise, you may email Ashley at the above email address or send an email to robdobcookbook@sbcglobal.net to ask for their mailing address. For security and privacy reasons, we are choosing not to go public with their current address on the blog.

If any of you live or visit the Salt Lake area while Ashley and Robert are staying there, please pay them a visit! They are able to receive and greatly appreciate visits from friends and family. Robert is pretty much homebound except for his clinic and doctor's visits. Just call and let them know you'd like to stop by--if you need their phone number, you may email one of the above email addresses.

Robert Update: Robert went to the clinic today. His numbers are steady. His patelets are low, but not low enough to require a transfusion. Low platelets are a normal occurrence at this point. For another week, he will receive TPN nutrition while he sleeps to ensure that his nutritional and hydration needs are met.

Robert and Ashley keep themselves busy with a little walk on the days Robert feels well enough. Ashley has been cooking and baking to her heart's content. She told me about a Pesto Artichoke Calzone she made last night (Sounds divine! She said it was delish.). They also sleep (especially Robert) and read quite a bit. They are doing well and are in good spirits. Robert is getting better all the time. His taste buds are slowly returning. We're still waiting for some signs of Graft vs. Host Disease. Thank you for your continued prayers in their behalf.


  1. Happy birthday to Linda (Robert's super hero mom)as well! She doesn't like the spotlight but she really is a super hero. She's been up there for the duration and since I know there's nothing like the love a mother has for her child, she would go to the ends of the earth and beyond for Robert. So, happy birthday to Robert, Ashley, and Linda!

    Love you guys, Valerie

  2. and if anyone wants to give my for any of their birthdays you can give it to me. i will be up there sunday =]]
    and i am so excited i miss me some ashley time