Monday, August 31, 2009

Super-Hero Birthday.

Robert's birthday was this past friday, our super hero is now 25. (How does it feel to save on car insurance Robert?) So Robdob didn't want cake, or cookies, or pie for his birthday, no... he wanted donuts. He still has had a hard time eating, and things tasting different, and donuts were what sounded the most declicious, so donuts it was! I topped off that donut with some candles, I know it's not an accurate count, but 25 candles on one little donut seemed excessive, you know? But if you want to think he is turning 6 instead of 25, be my guest.
I wonder what his wish was?? I have an idea... but let's not talk about it, we want it to come true after all. I love birthday wishes.
Robert reading his cards in his new sunglasses that I got him for his big B-day! He loves them. He wears them to bed, and in the shower. I told him it crosses the line to wear them while reading. I tell him, "think about your retinas"... So he does. What are sidekicks for, if not for protecting your retinas? Huh? Exactly.
Doesn't he look seriously delicious in them though? Okay, TMI? Sorry... We had a fun day, relaxing and eating donuts, we even went to Best Buy to look at laptops. His parents are getting him a new one for his b-day. I think I was more excited about it than he was. Our current laptop is a dinosaur.
Oh how I love him. Isnt he just so lovable? Anyone who meets him loves him. It's impossible not to, I think. Although, I am quite biased.

Robert is doing well, the doc is weening him off of his anti-rejection meds in hopes to see some GVHD pop up. He should be completely off of it in the next couple of weeks. Robert is still really nauseated, but some days are better. He is still on IV nutrition during the nights, and we are tying to maintain his weight and help him gain... not lose any! He is doing well for the most part. We have been so blessed and we are grateful for the love and support you all offer us. We apologize for not updating as much since we have been out of the hospital, but we hope to start posting more. Please continue praying for our Super hero, for his healing an health. We love you guys! You're the best!

All our love.


  1. Uhh, the lovey, dovey stuff..... yeucccchh! Seriously, he's looking great!

  2. Happy birthday to both of you! It's nice to see the super hero looking so well! WTG!!!

  3. Sorry I was such a lame-o and didn't call or send a card last Fri. Glad that Robert enjoyed some donuts! He looks most studly in his new shades! Happy Belated B-day, and lots of love!!!