Monday, August 3, 2009

Some serious R&R

I am home recovering from our weekend with Ashley and Robert. And by recovering I mean dealing with the reality that sleeping in until 10am never happens at home. Sad, sad day. I am ecstatic to be back with my children, but I am already in deep missing. I miss the delicious food, the relaxing time, and the great company of some of my best friends. We had a wonderful weekend... this is how it went down.

It was all about hanging out with Ashley like we always do.(self taken car shots and all)

The boys they just hung out and relaxed. There were a lot of video games...

and goofiness.

A little of this.

And even a nap. Or two.

Ashley and I planned a menu and a grocery list and then we shopped our hearts out.

We had a blast at the farmer's market, even if it did start before 10am. Of course all of our shopping and planning led to this...

Raclette, so yummy, is a dinner where everyone cooks on the grill in the middle of the table. It makes for a slow and enjoyable dinner together with plenty of time for conversation.

Artichoke dip. Get in my belly!

Some more goofiness, but we were all business. Really.

Chocolate peanut butter cookie.
These were so delicious, honestly I am ready to make them again.

Homemade yellow cupcakes with a raspberry buttercream. These cupcakes reminded Ashley and I of sugar cookies. But light and airy. So scrumptious.

I had so much fun, and ate way too much. But I have one question...
Hey Robert and Ashley, are you free this weekend?
*It was great to see Robert this weekend relaxing at home and recovering. He is tons better than the last time I saw him (which was just a few days after his transplant), and even seemed to continue to perk up and eat more over the three days we were there. He still gets TPN at night to ensure he is getting enough nutrition, and goes to the clinic twice a week for his testing. We are looking forward to the 100 day mark. Please continue to pray for some GVH. We love you all.

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  1. I am so glad you guys had so much fun. I just ate breakfast, but reading about all that mouth-watering food made me hungry again. I do hope those cookie and cupcake recipes make it to my inbox or the Delicious Eats blog. Do they need to be added to RobDob's cookbook? :) The best part of this post was learning that Robert is doing so well. Love you all!