Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Message in the Sand!

Last week all us Las Vegas Squires peeps were at the beach. Our super heroes would have joined us under different circumstances and we missed them terribly! See...
Nonni taught Taryn and Tyler how to sign I love you for thier favorite super Aunt and Uncle!
Tyler, Karalee, Nonni & Taryn sharing all of our love with Robert and Ashley!

Well Ashpants, this one was for you! We know how you love a good message in the sand!
Here's to hitting the beach with everyone next summer! We'll help Robert and Ashley work on their goal to go to all their favorite beaches together!
We just want you two to know how much you are loved and missed by many!

Pssst, don't forget Robert's birthday is on Friday. Celebrating the big two-five! 25 years down, a hundred more to go! (You'll get in the Guinness Book for sure then ;0) Shoot him an email, phone call, pay him a visit! Whatever you can swing! Thank you!

*Robert is doing pretty well. About the same as last week. He is still on TPN, and hating it. He is still struggling with nausea and eating enough on his own. Slow and steady will win him the race there.
They are still waiting on signs of GVHD. They cut back on his anti-rejection meds every so often. They will keep doing this until he gets GVHD.

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