Thursday, July 30, 2009


Robert busted out of the hospital on Monday night, and it has been so nice to get to relax in our apartment, sleep in a real bed, and eat some delicious food. Well Linda and I were doing most of the eating. Robdob has still been nauseated, so he hasn't been able to eat tons yet. But, we're working on it!
On his way out of the hospital. We will miss all of our wonderful nurses. They were awesome, but we were glad to go!
Getting some R&R and also some food at the same time! Robert is still getting IV nutrition(that white bag), since he can't consume enough calories on his own right now. But he only gets it at night. I just hook it up and he gets it while he sleeps.

Robert is doing well, just still recovering from his treatment, and trying to get used to the nausea and taking a bunch of pills. He is taking a LOT. But, everything is going well. Thank you as always for the love and support.

All our love.


  1. I'm glad everything is going well and you get a little time out of the hospital now! :) I love you both and you are always in my prayers! :)

  2. i miss you guys! So does the rest of my little clan! We love you so much!
    The Gratteau's

  3. Awesome that you are out of the hospital! Being at home always speeds up recovery:) take care.

  4. Yay, home is the best! Soooooo glad you guys are out of the hospital!!

  5. Sounds like great news to us!!! Love you guys!
    Rey and Meegan

  6. WAHOO!!! I'm sure the recovery will be much more enjoyable at home!