Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Proof is in the puddin'...

Robert is quite incapable of keeping his eyes open for pictures. It's a problem. But, these pictures are proof that Robert is awake! Well, sometimes! He really is! And a lot more often lately at that. I love it.
He isn't sleeping in this picture, he is trying(not very hard I might add) to keep his peepers open for his "awake" pictures. Robert told me I should stand back farther and zoom in like a "normal" person would, so the flash isn't "all in his face". It made no difference, but, of course, I had to humor him. That's what we side-kicks do.
That's a little better Robert, but I think we should try one more...
Then he gives me something like this, open-eyed rebellion at it's finest.
There they are! Those elusive little buggers. Not many eyelashes, and the eyebrows are going too, but he is doing good, and that's what matters the most!
These open-eyed pictures are a rarity folks, so enjoy em' while you can! ;)
Robert is doing well, his throat and mouth are still sore, but they are on the mend, and we hope within the next couple of days that they heal up even quicker so that he can eat more food. His calorie intake had still ben low, but he eats a little more everyday. His numbers are still looking good, his white count has gone a little low, but that is pretty normal with immuno-suppressive drugs. It'll take them a little time to stabilize completely. All in all, things are going very well, we still haven't seen any signs of GVHD, but we are hopinge to see a little soon. We are anticipating leaving some time next week, hopefully earlier in the week!

We are grateful for you all, as always! We appreciate all you do! Please keep praying for our favorite super hero.

All our love.


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  2. Oooops! Accidentally deleted last comment! Just wanted to say the Super-Hero is looking good--and of course his side-kick always does too! :) So happy to hear that Robert is able to eat we just need to get some yummy nutrition and major calories going down! I'm sure Ashley can't wait to get him home and start making lots of good homemade food for him! Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you! We love ya!

  3. You both are a true inspiration to each and every person who has had or will have the blessing of meeting you. Take care and you are always in my fast and always in my prayers
    Jimmie Jones(Ashlie "sj" mom)