Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No More Chemo!

Today was Robert's second and last day of chemo. Hopefully, it was his very last chemo treatment ever, and he'll get to enjoy a lifetime of living in remission!

Robert was very happy to be finished with radiation on Monday. He said it made him feel a little weird, but the worst part was the uncomfortable device he had to stand in that Ashley told us about a couple days ago. He may have to have some more radiation on his leg after he leaves the hospital, but the full body radiation is finished.

Amanda, who I lovingly refer to as "The Superhero's Hero" is in Salt Lake right now. Her bone marrow cells will be collected tomorrow and Friday. Robert gets a day of rest tomorrow, and after Amanda's cell collection is finished on Friday, they will give the donated cells to Robert.

His white blood cell count will begin to plummet soon, so please continue to pray for his health and strength. He is most at-risk for infection when his counts are low. We hope he stays free of infection during this hospital stay!

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  1. Awesome! Please know that you both are in my prayers each and every day!!!
    Jimmie Jones
    sj's mom