Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Fun!

Towards the end of July last year we had a lake trip! It was heaps of fun. Steve and I loaded up our cute kiddos and headed down to Tucson, AZ to pick up Robdob and Ashpants. He was done with his first transplant! We loaded up their car and our truck and pointed our noses home. On the way we stopped over in Mesa (where we have heaps of family). Everyone wanted to see the super couple! Ashley's one request while we were there was a trip to the lake. She loved going to the lake when she lived in Arizona working at the Montessori school. So, we ran to the grocery store with our cousins and picked up all the necessary lake trip food. The next morning we were on our way to Lake Roosevelt! Tyler Whiting was the lucky boat captain, Trevor was his first mate! We had a great time!

Robdob and Ashpants enjoying each other on the lake! So happy to be done and having a good time with family doing something they love!

Ashley showing off her wake boarding skills. (Unfortunately the photog missed all her good air, sorry again Ash!)

Trevor & Robert--who was not yet allowed to come in contact with germie, gross lake water!

Ashpants always pulls the best faces! Especially for pictures. Have we mentioned that she is a little crazy? Well, she is a Squires after all, it's kind of a prerequisite!

Steve and Robert enjoying the lunch break!

We had a great time enjoying the end of summer! It was a fabulous and entertaining trip. I would love to pick them up in SLC again this time. Anyone have any ideas for post transplant fun in Utah? Something that would be a good time in late September, early October. We need that perfect activity to kick off the post transplant celebration! Here's to more summer fun and a future full of heaps of lake trips!

*Robert is doing well. We have been schooled in the true nature of engraftment. Transplant patients are officially considered engrafted when their neutrophils are above .5 for three days in a row. Well guess what? Today Robdob is officially engrafted. Monday his neutrophil count was .6, yesterday 1.5 and today 1.9! His white blood cell count is 3.8 today! All great reasons to celebrate. Oh, and that sad tongue is already on the mend! Wahooooo! He still has some pain and discomfort. Eating is at a minimum, but is slowly increasing! Things are going well for our hero! Thank you for the prayers and love! We hope you are all enjoying your summer!


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