Friday, July 10, 2009

A Quick Update

Robdob's hallucinations are a little better tonight. They got worse last night. He kept trying to get out of his bed, and he is attached to way to many things to do that without help. They turned on his bed alarm so that the nurses would know if he was getting up without Ashley having to push the call button. Around 2:00 a.m. his nurse told Ashley that he thought Robert should have a 24 hour nurse. Ashley agreed and was very grateful. They will have a nurse in their room all the time until Robert is a little more 'with it' and can remember where he is. Ashley got very little sleep last night, so she is hoping that she'll get a little more tonight knowing that someone else is keeping an eye on Robdob. Linda stayed with Robert most of the day so Ashley could go back to the apartment and get caught up on some sleep.
They know that one of his meds is what is causing Robert's current state of mind. Morphine is the main suspect. They have cut back on that one and it seems to be helping. He got all showered and cleaned up around 8:00 and is peacefully sawing logs! Let's hope for every one's sake that continues!
Robert's tongue is still really swollen and raw, he isn't eating much. The TPN IV is his main source of nutrition currently. His numbers are pretty much non-existent. I think the count down is 3-6 days to see them start coming up!! His fever has been better today too!
I'm amazed daily at Robert's strength and courage. He is braving this battle with all of it's physical pain and the mental and emotional turmoil that must come with it with such faith. He remains cheerful and upbeat in the face of what appears to me as insurmountable odds.
And dear Ashley, she never ceases to amaze me. I don't know where she continually finds the strength and patience as she continually supports Robert. I'm the nursing mom of a newborn and I got way more sleep than she did last night. Yet I still found myself 'at the end of my rope' once or twice today looking for 'more rope'. I found it and all was well. Ashley helps me keep my perspective. She is constantly stating how lucky and blessed she is. I know that what she says is true, and realize that if she can say it, I can too. I am so lucky and blessed!
I know that some of her blessing comes from the faith and prayers that flow to her from all of you each day as well as to our hero Robdob! We say thank you every day, because there isn't enough gratitude to express our feelings!
Thank you!

Hugs & Kisses!


  1. My sister had those drug induced hallucinations as well while she was being treated for AML. She kept asking all the doctors, nurses, EVERYONE to pet her puppy. Ummmm....there was no puppy. Mom finally had to go and buy her a stuffed puppy so people would have something to pet. I think of you daily. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and if you feel like you can't possibly take one more step...let us carry you. I've got a strong back! You have truly touched my heart. Lots of love from a stranger (Angie) in Idaho.

  2. The only people more amazing than RobDob and Ashpants are her wonderful, faithful sisters! Even though your own lives are so busy, you are providing such a wonderful service to them AND all the rest of us who just need to be able to "check in" daily (and sometimes hourly) on our super heroes and their progress. THANK YOU for keeping the updates coming. We have faith that all will be well and that RobDob's numbers will soon be coming up! I LOVED the wedding anniversary posts!
    Thank you again!

  3. Yeah, the wedding stuff was great! Keep sawing those logs!

  4. Thanks for the updates! :) Ashley and Robert-- you are always in our prayers! :)