Monday, July 13, 2009


**I will begin this post with a disclaimer: picture of Robert's tongue follow! Not for the faint of heart!** 
It is pretty sad and gross. Ashley took this picture and uploaded it for me to see, and even though it isn't pleasant to look at I thought I would share. This is Robert's sad reality and pain. His current great nemesis mucisitis is trying to bring him down. But our superhero Robdob is fighting back. He is still requesting peanut butter sandwiches even if he can only get down one bite! He drinks his apple juice! And by golly when he wants to break out the big guns he sucks on those hospital ice chips!!!

Our superhero's greatest friend and helper Neutro-Phil has been hard at work too. As a result of all this hard work Robert's numbers are up to 1.3 today which is incredible!!! .6 of those numbers are neutrophils which means that this sad tongue will start healing soon!

The fact that Robert's numbers climbing up so well has the doctors convinced that Amanda's stem cells are well engrafted/implanted. This is such fabulous news. Now we just need some graft vs. host and we'll be set! Ok, it may take a bit more than that, but things are going very well for our superhero.
Robert is more awake, he even played some video games today. Ashley says it is funny to watch him though because he will doze off in the middle of a game and then wake up and keep playing. He doesn't always remember which levels he has played either, so then when he logs into his game he get a little confused and upset because he is just sure someone else is playing his games and 'messing them up'. Ashley is on video game guard duty to be sure no one comes in and plays his games! That's a good sidekick Ashpants!

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please keep them coming!


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  1. Ouch is right. That must be so painful. It's great news that his #'s are coming up. Just wanted to let you know and hopefully it's o.k that I added your blog to my blog role. Maybe you can reach more people. :)