Monday, July 6, 2009

Ultimate Fighting Champion

These days Robert is like an amazing UFC fighter. You know how all the great UFC fighters know jiu jitsu, street fighting, boxing, kick boxing, punching, pinching and eye-poking? Well Robert is like that with leukemia, his treatments and all the side effects! He put the smack down on the leukemia lumps in his legs with radiation aka. street fighting. He knocked out the blood leukemia cells with chemo aka. boxing. He is growing new bone marrow cells with the help of Amanda's cells and his BMT aka. eye-poking. So you see he has his own versions of all the best fighting moves. I think he totally qualifies as the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPION!!!
And he is pretty much my hero as well as being a super hero! The only opponent who has found his weakness currently is the nasty Mucicitis, and unfortunately he has Robert in a choke hold! Not for long though! He is getting help from the mighty morphine and we just know that his new bone marrow cells will start producing everything he needs to rejuvenate the mucous membranes in his mouth, throat and esophagus any day now!
RobDob got a fever late on Saturday night. He has been started on antibiotics and they were able to bring the fever down easily with meds. He started the third antibiotic in his cocktail of helpers today. His fever has come and gone every once in awhile, but remains low grade, and hasn't gotten above 100.5 (when they get concerned) again. They did some cultures on him to see if he has any infections, but we don't know the results of those yet. He is still sleeping a lot--you know back to the old Jedi mind tricks that serve him so well! He is so good at those he can do them in his sleep.
Ashpants says that really other than the pain in his throat, RobDob is doing very well this transplant. That is what we love to hear! She is doing well too. This is always the hardest time for her, when she has to see Robert in pain and uncomfortable and there isn't much she can do to help him. He has been neutropenic for a couple of days, and she knows those numbers will start to come up soon, and he will be more comfortable then.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers, fasting, comments and love that you send our super hero couple all the time! They feel all the support and are immensely grateful!



  1. We all whole-heartedly agree (and there are a couple UFC fans in this house--Dave & Jr.) that Robert IS the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Go, Fight, Win!!!

  2. Wow! I thought all those amazing super-hero powers were just make-believe! But, we are VERY grateful to hear that they are for REAL and that RobDob and Ashpants and are using them all to their advantage! We will continue to pray that his level of discomfort will decrease and that he doesn't have any serious infection. We love you!