Saturday, July 4, 2009

Transplant Part II. Infusion

This is them. Those babies made it safe and sound to the BMT wing. Robert received his Stem Cell infusion yesterday. If you read my blog during his first transplant then you know that the actual transplant is pretty anti-climactic. The stem cells infuse just like any other infusion he receives, such as platelets or red blood cells. It goes pretty quickly, 2 bags this size took about a half an hour. Robert had no problems during infusion, except a little nausea, but that happens frequently. So it went well yesterday.
This is Richard. He is a character. He says he's like a mom, and he is. He tells Robert every time he is his nurse how important mouth care is and everything. He is a bit bossy, like a mom. But it's good to have nurses that really care about their patients and their jobs. He was Robert's nurse yesterday, so he infused the Stem cells.
This is Robert's Central line, also known as a hickman catheter. It goes under the skin up and over the collar bone and right into Robert's heart valve(I forget which one, sorry). They give him lots of fluid, medicine, and blood products through it so they need multiple line, which is why there are three attached. They also take his daily labs from his catheter, so they don't have to poke him all the time. It is kind of a pain, but it is better than getting poke with needles for everything. Robert will have this in until we leave Utah.
Robert slept through most of the transplant. So peaceful when he sleeps, right? He was tired. His mucusitis was getting worse and he was resting a lot. He has been today too. They put him on a PCA last night, which lets him control his pain medication. It is a good thing, unless he sleeps too long and wakes up in pain. But, it helps him a lot. His mouth and throat are a little worse today, but that is to be expected from the TBI and chemo. Other than the mucusitis he is doing very well. Just sleeping a lot.
I made him wake up for a picture(such a meanie, I know). I miss kissing him when he is in the hospital. 4-5 weeks is a long time to go without a smooch from your honey. So I make do with air-kisses like this. I can't wait until we get to snuggle and sleep in the same bed. It is always one of the things I look forward to the most when we are in the hospital. It's good to look forward to things. Keeps me excited.

Robert's counts are all still low, they will start coming up when engraftment happens. Right now the new stem cells are going into Robert's bones to start attaching and growing all the new cells he will need. That will happen in about 1-2 weeks.

Thank you to all of you for the continual prayers and love. Please keep praying for Robert's speedy recovery and that everything will go well with the new stem cells. Please remember him in your fasts tomorrow!...and thank you so much for that. We are faithful and have lots of hope, and we are so blessed to have so many people have the that faith and hope for Robert as well.

All our love.


  1. I had to go back a couple of posts to read in order and I'm glad I did. I probably wouldn't have made it past this one if I hadn't. We take so many things for granted in life. This is an eye opener. Something so simple as giving your husband a kiss or sleeping in the same bed at night shouldn't be, but we do, we all do. So tonight I pray for a very speedy recovery, and that the two of you can soon be embraced in eachothers loving arms. I know I've said it before but both of your strength, faith, and optimism is something that we can all take lessons from. Thank you.

  2. It was fun to read the tranpslant posts and see exactly how the whole process works. I'm glad you have good nurses like Richard that also amuse you. We will fast and pray for Robert tomorrow. We love you both! You are amazing.

    I hope you got to see some good fireworks from your hospital window tonight. It was fun to see how much Junior loved the fireworks. Some were still going off in the neighborhood when we took the kids in to bed at 10PM, and he was really upset that we didn't let him stay out and watch them some more (but, it's 10:45 now, and neighbors are still setting them off, so we couldn't wait for them to end!).

  3. You will both be in our thoughts as we remember you in our fasting and prayers (as always) tomorrow. You are truly super-heroes to us! Thanks for the wonderful, informative posts--it helps so much to not have to wonder what is going on and how he is doing! Take care and remember we love you!

  4. I am so so excited to see you two. We love and miss you.

  5. Brett saz to get better soon and he not gon to cuss trash filthmouth liike he do on facebook.

  6. lauren [alycia's friend]July 7, 2009 at 4:35 PM

    ashley, you are so strong and not many people could be in your situation. i look up to you so much for that. keep strong because when you are down to nothing; God is up to something. always remember that and it will get you far. and robert, stay strong too because i know you have it in you. and i look up to you as well for going through all that you have. you guys are forever in my prayers.