Thursday, July 9, 2009

This was the Wedding . . .

Of Ashley's dreams.  Robert and Ashley were both marrying the girl and boy of their dreams.
It was truly a perfect wedding on a beautiful day.

With their rings they promised to hold and cherish one another for time and all eternity.

The beautiful bride and dashing groom.

There has never been any question as to how these two feel about each other.
Two hearts truly in love!

These two lovebirds have chemistry! Ashley can't help kicking up her heel when Robert gives her a kiss, and check out her kicks! Ashley had her all white Converse shoes special ordered for her big day!

The Squires Family
Steve, Janelle & Byron Gratteau, Dave, Kristin, Shayla & Derek Baker, Brad, Robert, Ashley, Lori, Karalee, Tyler & Todd Garber, Chelsa & Brandon Squires, Elyssa, Brittany
The Ashworth Family
Richmond, Ryan, Ken, Robert, Ashley, Linda, Alycia, Amanda & Anjelica

The gorgeous bride.

The handsome groom.

They had quite the reception that really represented them. They had wings because they love them, everything at their wedding was black, white and red, and they totally partied the night away . . . 

They ate cake . . .

Ashley tossed her bouquet . . .

Far more exciting was Robert throwing the garter, which he removed with his teeth (peer pressure :) I love Ashley's face in this picture. They were definitely having fun . . . 

And they danced and kissed the night away . . .

'Love Conquers All' 
is another quote from the wall. I can't think of another couple who exemplify that any better than Robert and Ashley. Three years ago they started their life together. They have conquered so much in that short time. They have this one last battle to win in Robert's war with leukemia, and they are definitely conquering in SLC . . .

And then they will walk forward into the rest of their life together to enjoy the children, triumphs and joy that they truly deserve, for . . .

This is just the beginning . . .

*Robert's fever comes and goes. All of his infection cultures have come back clean, so they are a bit puzzled by the fever. His mouth and throat continue to bother him. He got an extra morphine push tonight and had a couple of his 'drug induced hallucinations'. There was a different blanket on his bed than the one he normally has. It had little black polka dots. He woke up and told Ashley, "Come here, look! There are ants in my bed! You have to get them." Ashley assured him that there weren't ants in his bed to which he replied while pointing at the black dots, "yes there are, look they're everywhere!" He was so convinced he made them change his bedding. 
The other was that he was sure his dad was in his room. When Ashley finally convinced him that they were alone he had to call his dad to tell him that he loved him. 
He also talks in his sleep even more when he is on morphine. While I was getting the update from Ashley you could hear him in the background saying, "come here Daisy, come here!" Must have been dreaming about his sweet dog. While it is a bit strange for him to do these things, it does provide Ashley with a bit of comic relief!
The doctors are expecting Robert's numbers to start climbing within 4-7 days from now which will allow his body to replace the mucous membranes in his mouth and throat and help them heal. He is still on TPN for now. He sleeps a lot. He is doing well all things considered. We credit all the faith and prayers that are offered daily on his behalf. Thank you!



  1. Your story is one I can't read about w/out my eyes filling with tears. Ashley and Robert--you're a match made in heaven for sure! We love you both so much! Love, hugs, and prayers...

    Kristin and Fam

  2. I remember the reception. Everything was so beautiful and the strength of Ashley's and Robert's love was evident then and is now.
    Janelle -- thanks for the blog -- you are amazing.
    Love to you all,
    Tammy Whiting

  3. Thanks for the update. Robert's insistance made me laugh, though it must have been weird for him to think there were ants in his bed.
    Thinking of and praying for you, as always.
    Amor Vincit Omnia, and our family has so much of it. You two have so much of it.
    Nothing can stand in the way of a love like that.