Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sorry We Missed You . . .

The Gratteau family, Elyssa and friend Jinny are in SLC so . . .
The past couple of days, but we have been busy! Doing a little of this . . .

Ashley's been loving on & bonding with Josie . . .
And taking a little abuse from her too!
Hi-yah, I poke your eye! Take that Aunt Ashley!
They are sharing the love here for sure!
Ashley has been loving on all the Gratteau kiddos!
And a little of that . . .
Oh, and we've been swimming in the pool!
Taryn prefers the little pool aka. the spa, so she would drag Aunt Ashley over to hang out with her there.
Pulling funny faces, Ashpants teaches Taryn all her tricks!
Byron plays catch in the big pool!
We girls enjoyed a little shopping with Ashpants, while Linda graciously watched the kiddos. Nothing like some girl time, talk, and shopping break for super sidekick.

Me and Ashpants amid our shopping adventures.

Robdob has also had some extra fun (well, as much as the hospital will allow anyway!). He and Steve hung out all day, playing video games and getting some guy time. We're pretty sure Robert enjoyed having some testosterone around, and someone to play video games with.

Robert also got lots of love! This is Jinny, she is a friend of Elyssa's and our family's. She is a massage therapist, and Robdob talked her into massaging his feet a little when she came to visit him. Robdob loves having his feet tickled and massaged, and he will take it wherever he can get it, and Jinny is no exception!
We've been having fun, getting to bring some fun and excitement to Robert and Ashley here in Salt Lake City. Hopefully Robert will be able to have that fun outside of the hospital soon, but we loved being able to spend time with our favorite super hero and sidekick wherever we could.

*Robert is doing well. He is enjoying the extra company the weekend brought with it. He has been very nauseated while they are switching him to oral medications in preparation to send him home. They will keep trying different oral nausea meds until they find what will work best for him. They are hoping he will be eating enough and feeling ready to go home by monday. We are hoping so too! It's been a long time in the hopsital and we are hoping our super hero will be able to relax at home very soon. And eat whatever his heart desires! Please keep praying for him to continue feeling better each day. Thank you for all the prayers and love you offer. It is so appreciated.


  1. I'm so glad everyone had such a great time together this weekend! I'm sure it was much deserved all the way around. All our love!

  2. Ashley your hair is adorable! We love you.

  3. Still praying for you, Robert and Ashley! Hope to see you soon!!!

  4. Great pictures!! I am so glad that you got to spend time with each other. Josie is such a cutie! Growing so quickly! Here in Mesa, we are all praying for you Ashley and Robbie. Love, Tammy and Co.

  5. Ahh company!! Gotta love the change. Sounds like things are going well, I didn't spend much time reading, just checking things out quickly. I love you both and pray for you everyday. if you're bored, drop a line, picture, or anything :)

    Keep the faith strong
    John 14:1
    Me likey.