Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's the BIG Day . . .

So I thought we could set you up with info. more than once! I just talked to Ashley, and Amanda had more bone marrow stem cells harvested this morning. 2.7 million was the total harvested yesterday and they need 5 million. The stem cells will be counted and processed soon to determine if there are enough. Robert will receive his bone marrow transplant around 6:00 tonight. Amanda will have some follow up blood work done tomorrow to be sure that all of her blood levels (magnesium, etc.) look good.
Robert's mucuscitis is getting a little worse. Trix have fallen down the favorite food totem pole a notch or too. It hurts him to swallow, so Ashley is looking for soft food alternatives that Robert will eat. She's hoping the chocolate pudding and chicken noodle soup she picks up at the store will do the trick! Other than that he is doing really well. He is still tired and got 14 hours of sleep last night (minus a couple interruptions from nurses).
We'll post again tonight after his transplant! Thank you for remembering him in your thoughts and prayers on his big day!
Love and hugs!

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  1. Sure love you both--and we love Amanda for being willing to do this for Robert--twice! We don't even know her, but it's obvious that she's as amazing as her brother and his darling wife! Can't wait to hear that the transplant is done and we have faith that all will go well! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!