Monday, July 20, 2009


Ashley posted this picture on her online journal, and I wanted to share it again here. We've shared this poem on the blog before. It was originally left in the comments on Robert and Ashley's old blog by Denise a fellow cancer survivor. Ashley loved this picture because she loves her angels.

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Robdob and Ashpants have so many angels. I know that angels are present in their hospital room all the time. There are the angels, like Denise, who offer support and kind words. Their angel mothers, fathers, siblings and extended families who offer so much support. The angels who have so generously donated financial support, goods and time to ease their burden. Angel doctors and nurses who care for Robert's physical needs. And Angels who PRAY for Robert and Ashley daily!
Our super heroes are definitely supported by many, many amazing angels!

Thank you for being an angel!

*Robert is doing well today. He ate more today than he did yesterday!! He enjoyed some ice cream and watermelon. His numbers are down a bit, white blood cells are 1.0 and neutrophils are 1.8. His levels are still above neutropenic, so that is good. It is normal for them to fluctuate. You may remember they yo-yoed even more last time he was in the hospital. We're still looking for that graph vs. host disease! Thank you for your prayers and love!

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  1. Rob & Ash-
    We sure love and miss you guys! We pray for you often and can't wait to see you all soon! We are so proud of guys! You all are incredible examples of hope, love, and faith. Keep it up!
    Janelle- Lagoon is kinda up north a little bit, but that might be a fun vacation/celebration when Robbie and Ash get done with the treatments. Its between SLC and Ogden, I think. Check it out. Lots of rides and rollercoasters...all right up my alley.

    Love you all--
    Scott & Lindsay