Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gratitude for the Wildcats!!!

There have been quite a few fundraising efforts on Robdob's behalf. We would like to share them with you and offer our gratitude to those who have so generously given! We decided to start with the most recent fundraiser and work our way back! Las Vegas High School will occasionally do 'miracle minutes' for students who are in need of money for various reasons. Brittany is a member of the National Honor Society and asked them to host a miracle minute for Robert. The Principal approved it since Robert is an Alumni and as they say, "once a wildcat, always a wildcat!" Brittany and Alycia got together and made this video on my Mac (now they just need to teach me their tricks! :))

We are trying to fix the video being cut off on the right side. You can click on the video and it will take you to YouTube. You can watch the full screen version there.

They played the video during 3rd period and then members of the NHS, Brittany, Alycia and some friends went from class to class and collected money. They raised $1,500! So many students and staff donated. They counted $120.00 in quarters! We are so grateful to all those who so generously gave! Those students are proof that a little from many really adds up!

A big thank you to Brittany and Alycia for the work they put into the video, and to the National Honor Society for hosting this fundraiser!

Wasn't the video awesome? Robdob is one fierce wildcat! ;)


*Robert is doing well. He is enjoying his 'day of rest' from treatments. He is getting some morphine for a mild case of mucuscitis in his throat. He is still eating well. He subsists on the fabulous diet of Trix, chicken pot pies, PBJ's, EasyMac, and ding dongs! He is eating good portions, and that keeps Ashley happy! :) That also means he uses the 'hat' regularly, and that is a good thing (hee, hee).
They harvested Amanda's bone marrow stem cells at 7:00a.m. They will do a count of them tonight. If they don't have enough they will harvest more tomorrow morning (we will do a post about that with pictures soon.) Robert should receive them tomorrow late afternoon, between 3:00 and 5:00p.m. We'll be sure to post tomorrow when that is done and let you know how it goes.

Please continue to pray for him and Ashley. Thank you for all the comments! Robert and Ashley have both told me how much they love to read them! I know people leave them messages on facebook as well! They love the little connection they have to the outside world while they are in the hospital, keeps them from getting lonely! Thank you with LOVE!


  1. Wow! He's eating better than I am!

  2. I loved the video - you guys did a great job.

    Robert & Ashley - prayers for both of you as you continue on this journey. Praying that the BMT is a success this time.

    Kathy Gratteau