Friday, July 17, 2009

Sleepy improvement.

Hey everyone! I figured you would like some new pics that don't involve Robert's flesh falling off his tongue (eww, sorry about that). But things are going good for Robert. He is engrafted, and his mouth is healing more everyday. He tried eating today, but he can't taste anything yet, and somethings just haven't gone down so nicely. The sores in his throat are still healing up, so within the next coule days it should continue to get easier.

These are Robert's bags that he is receiving now, it's down from the 15-20 it used to be, and I'm not exaggerating, because I don't joke about IV bags. IV bags are serious business, or something. He was on about 5 antibiotics because of his fevers, so we are glad that those have been stopped. He is still getting his IV nutrition, it's the big bag on the left. They just want to keep him on it until he starts consuming enough calories, it's just making sure that he gets all the things he needs to heal, which I am all about, but Robert "hates that bag".

Robert has been more awake lately, but he is still sleeping an awful lot, but sleep is the best medicine, right? I am just glad he isn't hallucinating anymore. That was a little strange. Robert, of course, doesn't remember any of his hallucinations. I was telling him about couple of them, and he was crackin' up about it. It was nice to give him some comic relief since he has been feeling kind of bummed about not being able to eat, and still being in the hospital. I love his laugh, it's one of my favorite things.

Linda is still here, she was my saving grace a couple of nights I wasn't getting much sleep. It has been super nice having her here to spell me off. I think it's nice for Robert to have his momma around, even though she drives him a little crazy sometimes, he loves her.

Things are moving along great, we are hoping to see a little GVHD (graph vs. host disease) sometime soon. So keep praying for that, please. We are so grateful for our amazing friends and family, and even the people that we don't personally know. We are so blessed to have you all, cheering us on and keeping us in your prayers. We are so grateful!

All our love.


  1. Ashley, you are so beauteous. I am loving your au natural look these days. It looks so fresh and suits you well.
    I love you, baby. I will be praying for you two, as always.

  2. Ashworth and Squires....hmmmm. Some rather pretentious, royal sounding names, don't you think?