Sunday, March 1, 2009

Introducing Neutro-Phil!

As you can imagine, now that RobDob is a superhero he runs in that social circle. Okay, running in that circle isn't quite what I mean. Due to his hospital stay he missed the Annual Superhero Ball. However, all the superheroes have welcomed him into their ranks! Spiderman and Batman sent cards. The Flash, Iron Man, Superman and The X-men have called him to wish him well in his battle. Oh, and Wonder Woman and Cat Woman sent beautiful bouquets of paper and silk flowers (cause he can't have the real thing). So he is rubbing shoulders with them from his hospital room, if you know what I mean. There is one very special superhero who has been on the short list of 'visitors' all along. He is a hardcore, kick-butt kind of a superhero! He has the skills to help Robert annihilate leukemia! He is tall, dark and handsome with burly muscles underneath his futuristic super-suit! He drives a hovercraft of the most interesting variety. And yes ladies, he is single! Without further adieu, let me introduce you to . . .

The Incredible NeutroPhil!!!

Phil has so willingly joined us here today to explain the nitty-gritty of neutropenia! Thanks Phil! Please click on any picture to see a larger version--so you can read the text.

Such a strapping, young superhero!

In Robert's case this is true. Phil gets a little help from his very own 'can of spinach' known as neupogen shots that help stimulate bone marrow growth and white bloods cell regeneration.

Phil is one awesome dude! As you can see he helps all cancer patients, those who receive treatment in and out of hospitals. Phil and about 5,000 (or was it 50,000?) of his friends have brought up Robert's blood counts. He is no longer neutropenic! In fact his numbers today are 9.6! Up from the .8 on Wednesday! Yeah for neutrophils!
Robert is feeling well physically, mentally and emotionally! He is hoping to be discharged early this week. We think it will be right after they receive his bone marrow biopsy results, and that should be Monday or Tuesday! He is very thin, but eating better these days.

P.S. I was really trying to get this post up on Saturday. So lucky you, there are two posts for Sunday! Ashley thought this would be a great way to help everyone understand neutropenia, and what we mean when his 'numbers' are coming up. We hope it helps! (I know Phil helped me!)

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  1. Phil gave us our science lesson today. Thanks, Phil!