Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Robdob and Ashpants on March 23rd!

If I'd had a little more warning today I would have made an enormous banner with those words 'Welcome Home RobDob!' in blue and gold, no that is too cub scout--hmm, probably red and black! Robdob was a Vegas Wildcat after all! Then I would have hung it across his garage door before he got home! I'm sure 3 foot tall letters would have echoed the sentiments of his heart, "dang I'm glad to be home!" Alas I found out after the fact, which is probably okay because time may not have permitted 3 foot letters in my plan today after all! It still illustrates how excited we all are that his is totally kicking C-diff's buns and has returned home totally triumphant in this battle! (You know with a little extended 'keep c-diff down' help from antibiotics for the next month!) Triumphant all the same! 
Robdob Rocks!!!
Robert will be on a soft food diet for the next 5 days. He was very excited to eat mashed potatoes tonight instead of yogurt! He is still having some discomfort and pain in his intestines and colon, so he is loving his Loritab! Other than that he is doing much better, so well he is home early! Yeah for that!

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  1. Welcome home! You are all such fighters...keep up the good fight!