Saturday, March 28, 2009

Same old, same old--Crazy Week!

Robert was doing really well all week. Things were humming along at status quo! Robert and Ashley met with Dr. Gollard on Monday, to plan Robert's second round of chemotherapy and consolidation. That will take place in 1 1/2 to two weeks. And Dr. Gollard told Robert to keep putting on weight! He gained 3 pounds last week! So we didn't have all that much to report at first, but then things got a little interesting.
Robert threw up in the middle of the night on Thursday night. He started getting a little fever, but they were able to keep it below 100.5 (that is the not so magic number that sends Robert to the ER!) Last night they enlisted the help of Super Amanda and her EMT IV skills to give Robert a bag of fluid. He was feeling much better after that and even wanted to eat again. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to keep anything down and early this morning his fever spiked to 102.5, so Ashley and Robert are heading in to the ER! He took some ibuprofen and his fever is down below 100.5 again, but he needs some medical assistance in his fight against whatever villain is currently plaguing him!
Please remember him in your prayers! Robert was pretty bummed about heading back to the hospital, but realized he wasn't going to win this fight on his own! I will try to post later today when they know the name of said villain, and update if he gets admitted and his treatment plan!
We've had some sick kiddos around my house too, but they are doing much better--so I will keep up better on posts this week!
Loves, Janelle

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  1. Thanks for the update. What a bummer for Robert to be sick again before his next round of chemo, especially with his weight gain and all. Get well soon, RobDob!