Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Love Story!--the prequel!

Would you like to hear a love story? Of course, everyone loves a good love story. So tonight I give you the prequel, as I will call it.

Once upon a time in an early morning Seminary class across the street from Las Vegas High School there was girl, her name was Ashley Squires, and she was a freshman. There was also a boy, his name was Robert Ashworth, and he was a sophomore. They each noticed each other. Ashley stole glances at the cute boy in the back of the classroom, especially when he was sleeping. Robert noticed the cute girl with her blond hair and bright smile. All year Ashley would laugh at the hot Robert's class clown comments, and Robert thought that Ashley was pretty. Yet they never spoke, not once.

They were in the same ward and both attended church on Sunday, but they were in different Sunday school classes. Occasionally they saw each other at Mutual (church youth group) on Wednesday nights, but baseball kept Robert from going often and Ashley didn't always attend, either. And they still never spoke.

Now I would never describe either of them as particularly shy. They are both bubbly, fun and a total party to hang out with. That said, being as good looking as they both are, they didn't have to pursue the opposite sex much. Ashley always had a boyfriend with a line of interested boys behind him, and Robert would get annoyed sometimes at the quantity of girls who asked him for his phone number. So neither of them ever pursued the other. I suppose that was a good thing! Timing can be everything when it comes to love, you know!

They both grew up over the next four years, and Robert left for his mission in the Bahamas and Florida. Ashley eventually moved to Arizona to work for our Aunt Tammy Whiting who owns a Montessori school in Mesa. So how do these two love birds end up together? You'll have to return tomorrow for the first installment of the Love Story (that showcases Ashley's scrap-booking talents!). Don't you just love a story with good cliff hangers at the end of each chapter?

*Robert and Ashley met with Dr. Gollard yesterday. Robert will be returning to the hospital here in town in about two weeks. He needs to do another consolidation, chemo round before he receives a bone marrow transplant. I have had a few people ask me what consolidation is. This is my understanding--each time Robert receives chemo it kills almost all of his white blood cells. For ease of explanation lets say he has 3% left each time, when they do consolidation chemo they hope that the first 3% of white blood cells will be obliterated and the 3% left at the end of this consolidation will be good white blood cells. Ashley is still the head honcho for the "Fatten Up Robert" campaign, and it is going pretty well; he is gaining slowly but surely! His favorite food today were muffins from Mimi's Cafe!

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