Saturday, March 7, 2009

C-diff is Going Down!

Robert is continuing to feel better. He had been on a liquid diet while in the hospital, but he was able to eat dinner tonight.(I am really glad he got to eat, he was reaaal tired of his clear liquids when I saw him right after lunch) Today a gastroenterologist told them the cause of his pain came from neutropenic c-diff. From my understanding while his numbers were so low during chemo, and he was on antibiotics for his infection, it allowed for the c-diff bacteria to grow in his gut. He was put on antibiotics today to clear up his c-diff.(I am hoping for a TKO on that nasty bug. Soon.) We are grateful that they are getting it taken care of, and I can't wait to cook up appetizing goodies for Robdob. First up a dish of creamed spinach. Hey it worked for Popeye!
We love you all.

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