Monday, March 30, 2009

RobDob vs. C-diff

It is round two of Robdob vs. C-diff! Good news for our team, Robdob is racking up the points this match. It is kind of an Ultimate Fighting Gig, down and dirty is how our Robdob is fighting this time! Kicking, punching, scratching with the possibility of ear-biting! Stay tuned for all the nitty gritty fighting details!
The most amazing part is that if you could peek in through Robdob's hospital window it wouldn't look like he is doing much. It actually looks like he is sleeping all the time! He uses Jedi mind tricks (thanks to Yoda and OB-1), sleeping is a total front--keeps C-diff from knowing where the next attack will come from!
Robdob has completely immobilized the fever, and throwing up! Still a little trouble with the runs though! His appetite is coming back and he is downing yogurt like it is going out of style! He even suffered through two cans of Ensure today, Ashpants was so proud! Drink those calories man! If he keeps up all this great progress and booty-kicking they are even talking about an early release tomorrow! If not, he should be in good shape to get out on Wednesday!
Keep strengthening the force with our Jedi fighter with your good prayers! They are much appreciated! Ashpants and Robdob send their love to all!

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