Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Love Story!

Sorry this is late in posting!

To continue this little love story . . . Robert and Ashley spent hour upon HOURS talking on the phone for the next little bit.

Until Ashley came home for Christmas. She decided to move home at the Christmas Break. Robert and Ashley had fun spending nearly every waking moment of the holidays together. One date night, they attended Ken's employee Christmas Dinner Party and went to see King Kong afterwards. Ashley really fell asleep on Robert's shoulder!

On Christmas Eve, they attended the big Ashworth Family party and Robert was the lucky guy picked to dress up as Santa Claus. Ashley loved sitting on his lap and telling him what she wanted for Christmas. ;) At this party, Robert gave Ashley her Christmas Present! In doing so, Robert displayed his charming sense of humor... She opened a big box to find two large boxes of Kleenex inside. (Just in case she had another nose bleed! Ha ha.) She gave Robert her best "death glare," and he just laughed! He told her to open the Kleenex boxes and inside each were a t-shirt and tootsie rolls! The Ashworths thought his gift was pretty funny, and I know our family had a great laugh when we saw it, too!

On Christmas Day Robert spent time with Ashley at her house. She gave him his gifts, too! He got that sporty baseball hat and a sweatshirt! They had a great time continuing to get to know each other and each other's families over the holidays!

They walked around at the temple the night before Robert left to go to school in Missouri. He had a baseball scholarship at the College of the Ozarks. I'm pretty sure they knew they were falling in love, and it was getting pretty serious!

Ashley moved into our extra bedroom when she got back from Arizona. The day after Robert left, there was a knock at the door and these gorgeous blossoms arrived! If Ashley didn't know it before, she knew now--it was true love for the boy who sent her an amazing bunch of her absolute favorite flowers!

Then it was more talking on the phone, with Ashley back in Vegas and Robert off in Missouri!
Over the phone, they kept the romance alive until they could visit each other!

I added the last page in the book, because I love the quote Ashley put on it!

So that is the story of how RobDob and Ashpants fell in love! Someday we will have to share the story of their beautiful wedding!

*Robert is continuing to feel well. We went to Applebee's with Elyssa (our sister at BYUi) on Thursday night! Robert ate all his ribs, fries and 2/3 of a brownie sundae! His appetite is back, and we couldn't have been more proud! He still rests a lot, but feels like his energy is coming back, too!

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