Friday, March 13, 2009

True Love Pictures!

After Elyssa's amazing post last night (thank you Elyssa!) I thought it appropriate to post some pictures of RobDob and Ashpants! These pictures were taken in Moab, UT on Memorial Day weekend in 2006. Steve and I love off-roading in our Jeep and Ashley and Robert came with us that year. Ashley decided she loved jeepin' too, Robert--well he had a good time, but decided it is not his cup of tea! We had a great time together! We took their engagement pictures there. Here are a few from that photo shoot. I love that these pictures show how playful they are with each other, how silly they can be, and most importantly you can just see how much they really love each other. It oozes off each picture! They are such an amazing couple and I think these photos show their true love!

(Robert) "Ashley is scoring one strong specimen in this marriage deal!"

(Ashley) "Do you see my BLING? It means I'm getting married!"

I also reminisced about Robert's athletic, "chubby" days! I can't wait to see him so healthy, handsome and robust again soon! Here is to health and true love! We love you Robdob and Ashpants! And we wish true love for everyone!

*Robert is feeling great today! He hasn't had to take any pain medication today! Yeah! His appetite gets a little better each day too. Life is returning to normal for RobDob and Ashpants both, well as normal as it gets between chemo rounds. They have an appointment with Dr. Gollard on Monday, so there will be more news to post then!

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  1. You guys ARE a gorgeous couple! So glad you have each other. You're amazing!