Sunday, March 1, 2009

DNA Sunday!

Brittany and Ashley 2007

Today we also get the fabulous opportunity to introduce you to the super little sister of Ashpants . . . Brittany Squires. She is the youngest of the seven Squires children. She was born on New Year's Eve 1990 and we have been setting off fireworks for her ever since! She is reserved and can appear to be quiet, but she has a fun loving goofy side her friends and family can bring out in her. She is loyal, kind, talented, and intelligent. We will let her tell you a little more about herself.
My favorite color is
deep sea green.
My family and my boyfriend Brett make me laugh.
Especially Karalee; that’s why we’re friends…
My favorite TV show is
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
My worst habit is procrastinating.
My favorite dinner is steak marsala.
My favorite dessert is crème brulee. (Which she can make, by the way, and it is awesome!)
My favorite book is Ender’s Game.
I am most happy when I am surrounded by the people I love.
My favorite possession is my Rubik’s Cube.
(I know, I’m a HUGE nerd…)

Doesn't she make the perfect Alice in Wonderland? This was a completely unplanned picture. A dry ice bomb went off at our family Halloween Party and Britt was not expecting it. She really is a big nerd :) Oooh, and scroll down to meet the hottie NeutorPhil!

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