Sunday, March 22, 2009

DNA Sunday

We are proud to introduce to you the fine parents of Robert! Ken and Linda Ashworth! They are such an amazing support to Robert and Ashley. Linda spends hours talking to insurance companies and working out the financial logistics for Robert's medical care, and she is always at the hospital when Ashley needs a shower break! Ken is working on fundraising, and he is at the hospital a lot, too--to support the need for 'manly stuff' like video games and sports talk. They are definitely two of RobDob's biggest fans and always have been!

Ken was born in California, but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Linda was born on an Air Force base in Utah and grew up in Garland, UT.

Ken attended Clark High School here in Las Vegas. Linda attended Bear River High School in Garland. They both graduated from Southern Utah State College in Cedar City, Utah. Ken graduated from Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, CA.

They met at a dance in Cedar City while they were attending college there. They dated before Ken went on his mission, and were engaged for nine months before getting married on May 29, 1982.

They are the parents to six amazing, beautiful children: Robert 24, Amanda 22, Alycia 18, Ryan 15, Angelica 13, and Richmond 12. They have resided with their family in Las Vegas since Ken graduated from law school. He has his own successful law firm here in Las Vegas. Linda enjoys being a homemaker and taking care of her family.
From the left: Amanda, Anjelica, Robert, Ryan, Ashley, Richmond and Alycia!

I just couldn't resist putting in this shot to show off all of the fun and personality they have!

Linda says "I enjoy reading, walking, teaching primary, my family--watching my children participate in their various activities, swimming, surfing (when she can get up on the board), the beach, Disneyland, camping, hiking, the outdoors, water skiing and boogie boarding!" She is quite the adventurous and fun-loving mother!

Ken enjoys his family, watching his children participate in their different activities, racquetball, baseball, attending UNLV basketball and football games, surfing, Disneyland, the beach, camping and swimming.

As you can see these two people are a great pair! Through their similar interests, they have created some great vacations and family memories that will last their children a lifetime. Robert is so lucky to have such wonderful and caring parents who obviously raised him well!

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