Friday, March 6, 2009

The news...

So far. Yesterday when Robert and Ashley went in for their appointment with Dr. Gollard, they didn't get to talk as much as they had hoped. That was because Dr. Gollard didn't think Robert was looking too well, and after talking to them for a short time instructed Robert to go to the ER. It turned out that Robert was dehydrated. He looked and felt much better after getting some I.V. fluids. They kept him overnight for observation, but they should get to go home today.

What Ashley did tell me is that Dr. G wants Robert to recover from this treatment and gain some weight back before they do another round of chemotherapy or proceed with the bone marrow transplant. He also recommended that they talk to the doctors at a transplant center to get some second opinions on who to use for a donor this time, etc.

After getting the biopsy back, they now know that all of Robert's bone marrow is his own. This means that Robert's marrow cleaned all of Amanda's marrow out and took over again. We are not sure what this all means yet as far as the transplant goes--that will depend on what the transplant specialists think they should do. Dr. Gollard was going to stop by the hospital today, and Ashley is hoping to clarify some things with him, so we will post again later. We love you all.

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