Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Quick Update!

Robert and Ashley are doing well. Sleeping in their own bed last night was a dream! Especially since that meant that Robert could snuggle all night! They spent the day hanging out, eating food that was homemade (and more importantly not hospital food) and they got to visit with Robert's family at their home for a little while. Robert got to see his little Daisy, with his mask on of course! Pets, infants and large crowds are still not allowed to share their cute and germified little selves with Robert! No matter how much he loves that cute little face!
They are just so excited to be home in their own space and to fatten Robert up with some good home cookin'! Robert is feeling well and truly enjoying the comforts of his bed and couch! We are pretty sure that no one would ever purchase a hospital mattress if they were sold in the store, it's definitely not a pillow top!
We are all looking forward to getting more information after they meet with Dr. Gollard on Thursday. We'll definitely keep you posted! Sorry their are no pics with this post, we hope to make it up to you really soon!

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