Friday, December 11, 2009

Fast Request & Update

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day. I couldn't bring myself to post. We received the results from the biopsy on the lump on Robert's chest. It is leukemia cells. The good news is that there are no leukemia cells in his blood work or in his bone marrow. It is the same thing that happened before, a few rogue leukemia cells that weren't destroyed by the chemo and radiation have just gotten together and formed the lump. The game plan: get Robert over his pneumonia, then send him up to Salt Lake. There they will do a lymphocite transfusion with more of Amanda's cells. That will force Robert's body to develop graph vs. host disease. When he gets GVHD then Amanda's cells will attack and destroy any remaining white blood cells of Roberts, including any leukemia cells. I believe they may also do a localized radiation treatment on the lump to kill those cells as well.
While they have a good plan to handle this new development it was still hard news to hear, and it took a day to process.

Currently Robert is still on 100% oxygen, his blood oxygen saturation is between 92-95. His pneumonia symptoms are a little worse today than yesterday. They are a little concerned about his brain activity as well, because even when they bring down his sedation levels, his brain activity doesn't increase. Ashley is asking that they change his pain medication from morphine to dilauded (or something else), because she remembered that he had that problem last time he was in the ICU and it helped. We're hoping that will help his brain activity right now. The docs have gotten back some of his test results, but so far everything has come back negative.

Ashley would like to ask anyone who can to participate in a fast for Robert this weekend (Saturday or Sunday). We are announcing in our wards here to fast on Sunday, but please feel free to fast tomorrow if that would be better for you. We are fasting for Robert's healing, but also specifically for his doctors to be guided to know what is causing his pneumonia and how best to help him heal. Please also pray for his speedy recovery, so that he can get up to Salt Lake quickly.

Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers. Ashley feels them, they are keeping her going; and she knows Robert feels them too.

With love and gratitude!

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  1. Janelle...thanks for the update! Bishop Timothy mentioned this at today's Ward Christmas Breakfast and I am sending an email out now. Our thoughts are with all of you right now.