Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here's what's cookin'. . .

Remember that cook book we mentioned awhile back? Well here it is. . . (drumroll please) Ahem, that was lame. Let's try it again

That was much better! Here it is in real, life print. Life? Does that word describe a cookbook? Printed on pages that were once a living tree. Recipes to gift life to your body and a party to your taste buds. Yep, I think it works. I just love, love, love the title. Isn't the cover fabulously cute? It would have to be with pictures of such cuties, I just love those two.

This book is filled with yummy recipes, quick meals and family traditions. All these recipes are tried and true! Recipes I just love. If you don't have yours yet, you just might want to get one! We are selling them here.

To those who have already purchased a book, they are on their way! And a big THANK YOU for your support in our fundraising efforts. You won't regret it, we can really cook (and I'm humble about that fact!) Food is so good! I love food, and I just thought you needed to know. Well it is getting late and I might qualify as slap-happy at this juncture, so I'm gonna run.

Just don't forget to buy a cookbook!

Thank you for your love, prayers & comments!

*Robert has remained stable today. He is on a ventilator that is breathing for him at this point. They are maintaining his oxygen levels and treating his pneumonia. His blood pressure was a little low today, this is very typical for someone who is as sick as he is. They started him on meds to help with that. We don't have any test/biopsy results back yet. Still playing the waiting game. There just isn't a lot of new information at this point. When we know, you'll know, I promise!

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