Monday, December 14, 2009

Sharing Memories

We have already found comfort, inspiration, and even a chuckle or two sharing our memories of Robert with each other. We would like to invite everyone to share their memories. Please feel free to leave a comment with your memories, or send an email to
Sometime next week we would like to compile all of these stories into a book and give a copy to Ashley and a copy to the Ashworth family.


  1. I did not know Robert personally, but I did know the Squires from being in their ward in Las Vegas. I watched Ashley's strength and heard her family's testimonies and was truly touched by them. Thank you for your examples of love, faith, courage, and strength. What incredible people you are!

  2. Oh so many memories of "The ROBDOB." One in particular is when he was very young probably about 1 1/2 or 2 years old. I was about 6-7 and I remember picking him up and he would lay his head on my shoulder and just hug me. He has carried that caring and loving all through his life. He has given us inspiration to do better in our own lives and to stay close to the Lord. Robdob you are missed so much. We love you The Tobler Family.. Kyle, Caridaun, John, Gage and Wyat

  3. I never pray for the ones that depart. I pray for the ones, like me, that have been left behind. I've only seen Robert and Ashley once, but Ashley? If you should ever, in your life here, open your heart again to another, rest assured that if it is true ... your soul is multifaceted. Your soul will divide equally to accomodate the new, while the part of you that held Robert will come to know him again. Permanently. Then you will have that Family. (God is not into disappointment, and I can imagine quite a bit! Rob's building the new house even now, I'm sure!) Tough fight! If I'm ever in your situation, I'll need your type of strength. God bless us, every one.

  4. It absolutely breaks my heart that Robert has had to hang up his tattered, battle worn superhero cape in exchange for angel wings. I guess that he was always meant to fly. You have both been such an inspiration. You had a choice. You could wallow or inspire. I know that inspiration can be a hollow companion. A reminder of how hard you fought individually and as a couple. Ashley, I pray that you can take his superhero cape and make it your own. I hope that you will take the courage and strengh woven in those fibers to climb the mountain of grief before you and be comforted always finding a foothold and having the courage to rest. But rest assured that you will be lifted up by angels when you stumble or when the path becomes to steep. Much love from a stranger. Angie

  5. I am a blog follower and fellow (aml) young widow. I am so very sorry to you Ashley and both of your families. Your strength, faith and determination during the tough times has been an inspiration to many.

    Amy Gleason

  6. I remember when I worked for Robert's dad, I think Robert was 13 or 14 then. He would come in and I would type up his papers for school and Ken would sit down with him and help him with any good father would. I would give anything to be typing those papers right now. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    God Bless...stay strong... Monika, Kevin & Ava Phillips

  7. I was so sorry to hear about Robert. Ashley, my heart goes out to you. You two were the sweetest couple and my heart just breaks thinking about you being apart, if even temporarily. I remember taking Robert a tiny Christmas tree to cheer him up when he first went into St. Rose. Even in the hospital he was so optimistic and he tried to bolster the spirits of his Mom and Ashley. He will be sadly missed and even though his superhero cape has been hung up, it will not be forgotten. Carry on Ashpants........

  8. Robert was my last mission comp. He was so awesome! He was always positive. You will truly be missed "RobDob" I remember he would say my Dad always use you call me that. Thanks for all the awesome memories Rob you were awesome!!

    If my path be smooth or rugged
    If with thorns or roses strewn
    Where i go the Father seeith
    And He will leave me not alone

    If I take the wings of morning
    Far within the silent sea
    Even there His hand will lead me
    Even there my God will be

    Though the gloom of night be round me
    Though I cannot see my way
    yet the Lord will see and guide me
    Because unto Him the night is day

    If my thoughts are good or evil
    Set me think to hide them not
    There is one above all seeing
    And He beholdth every thought.

    And ever more my eyes beholds me
    And all my ways to Him are known
    And His loving arms enfolds me
    He will leave me not alone

  9. Good morning. My name is Jonathan Montes and I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ since 2005 when after many problems and personal deceptions from my catholic believes back in my home country of Perú in South America where I live at this moment I became a member of the true living Church thanks to a young man the same age as I am who always was there to teach me and guide me during my first days as an investigator in the church. You might wonder how hard is the job of a missionary to teach the truth to a catholic and believe me I know coz now I am the recent Young Men's President and I tried and still try hard to get my mom and dad to joint the Church but it s been more than a year and nothing but I remember how patient and dedicated Robert was with me. I remember when I asked him why do all Elders had to be called by their last names all this because Robert was such a great example of who I wanted to be in Church and made me feel like a real brother to him that since then he was the only one who told me his first name and that i will never forget. After he and Elder Johnston taught me for over 2 weeks I was ready and sure to get baptized and when the day came i requested that Robert would be who baptizes me and he was really happy. I was scared for some reason but he only smiled and helped me through. I still cant accept how a young man who practiced baseball during his days off on mission whose email address is athleticmission is not with us anymore. Things a hard in life and i know he is aware of my triumphs now in Church and life and i am still in debt with Robert and family for the father, husband, President and Teacher who I am now. All in life is a chain that we can take for good. Who i am in honor and respect is because of Robert and through him thanks to his family who taught him how to be. I am living away from my two children and wife since 2008 when i got detained in an INS detention Center after a bad attorney took our money and got me in troubles so at the end of a month and a half fight ended up with my deportation and lost of all i had. My family and children has suffered so much since then and i also but during the bad moments I went to church for support And i can assure you i never let none to bring me down but I grew and still grow in spirit and love for the service i learnt from Robert. My eyes are sadder now but I try hard not to be. Now a friend is not with us but Jesus and the angels have won one now. Dear Robert Ashworth family from the distance of South America know this I am deeply sorry about what happened to Robert and I pray you all get the strength from our Father in Heaven during this hard days. He is now on an athletic mission who is an Elder once will be an Elder forever.

    Regards and Thanks from,

    Hernán Jonathan, Montes.
    Young Men's President.
    South America - Perú.

  10. I met Robert while serving in the Ft. Lauderdale mission. What a guy! We served in the same ward together when he first arrived, and some of my favorite mission memories are from that area where we both served. I have been so impressed with the optimism he has had throughout his battle, and I can't help but think how lucky he was to have someone like Ashley by his side. If every couple could have as much love as you two have- wow. My prayers are still with you Ashley, and with both of your families. Lots of love,

    Andrea Simons

  11. My deepest prayers and concerns go out to the entire Ashworth family. While I have several distinct memories of Robby, I prefer to share the lasting image I will forever have of him. I was fortunate enough to have played baseball with Robby. During those years there was always much temptation to party with teammates. Many of us gave into those temptations but Robby always stood strong by his faith. Instead of separating himself or judging, he was always willing to help those who went astray (myself included). His example played a vital role in my life and I'm sure many others as well. Robby was a competitor on and off the field and will truly be missed. If I know Robby, he is already on the mound throwing live or in the cages getting his swing back.

    Ashley, I'm deeply sorry for the loss. Our prayers go out to you and the rest of the family.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss! I never had the opportunity to meet Robert, but have been blessed to know him through this blog page. What an inspiration he and Ashley are to me! Growing up with Ashley, I remember her being a little quiet, but not too shy. I would call it quiet confidence.... I loved that about her. She is who I thought of when we named our daughter Ashlee. I hope my Ashlee can have the strength, compassion, and love of life that you have shown. Thank you for sharing little bits and pieces of your husband with us to inspire and motivate us to be stronger and find the positive. Hugs from far away!!
    Alissa Wiser, or Alissa Taylor as you used to say!