Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Continuing Legacy

I've thought about this blog this week. I've thought a lot about Robert. There have been emails, comments on here, comments on Robert's facebook page; people sharing thoughts and stories about what Robert and his amazing life meant to them. They are his legacy.

So many have shared that Robert was a force for good in their life. I know he was a force for greatness in mine. His legacy here isn't over, either. His influence still reaches out to us from the other side, from beyond his grave. His amazing example still spurs us all on to reach a little higher each day, to be a little better, a little kinder, to lift up someone else, to try to be like him. And in following Robert's example we will be following the example of our Savior. Because Robert loves his Savior and he tried every day of his life to live as the Savior wanted him to. Robert lived a life centered on Christ, a life directed by his immoveable faith. Today I am so grateful for Robert.

There was a theme, a common thread through the messages and thoughts shared at Robert's funeral: it is the message of our temples and that families really can be together forever, not just till death. Robert and Ashley weren't just married for time, they were sealed for all eternity in the Las Vegas Temple. If you would like to watch a short video about the blessings of the temple go here.

There is something about losing a loved one that makes you bold. I think it is because it causes you to pause and think about what is really important in this life. Robert was a college student when he was diagnosed with leukemia. When he died he didn't own a home, have a large bank account, or have an amazing car or any of the things that can seem so desirable in this life. He did have an amazing marriage with the love of his life, good relationships and love for and from his parents, siblings, in-laws and many others, he had a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel, he had many good friends. Those are the things that matter.

Ashley is bold. The experiences of the past two years, culminating in losing the love of her life in this earthly existence, they have changed her. There isn't much she fears anymore. She no longer fears death, and she doesn't worry about what people think about her. She is graceful and kind, yet speaks clearly. She doesn't ever want to offend, yet she desires to see others thrive in their marriages and lives. She nudges and reminds those around her to choose the right. I watch her, and I think she is amazing.

She is walking a path that no one besides her Savior can walk with her. I know that sometimes, as often as he can, Robert walks with her. Ashley will be forever a better woman, because she is Robert's eternal companion. She continues his legacy. Robert's siblings, parents, family and even his friends will continue to carry on his legacy.

So in the spirit of being bold, you should also check out this video, here.

I would like to thank all of you who have taken a moment to leave a comment or send an email. It has been such a blessing to read stories, most that we have never heard before. We are printing all of the stories and putting them in notebooks for Ashley and the Ashworths, so that we can add to them at any time. Please feel free to keep the stories coming, also we would love to receive any pictures that you may have of Robert. The email you can send both to is

Thank you!


  1. A beautiful and inspiring post...just like Robert is.

  2. Thank you Janelle, for posting your thoughts. Thanks for sharing some of your inner most feelings. It was really beautiful.