Friday, January 15, 2010

The Biggest Laugh

Taken on Ashley and Robert's honeymoon.

Yesterday marked one month since Robert's passing. I've really missed him this week. I needed to post a funny story, maybe two. This story gave me the biggest laugh during the past month, and has even provided a couple chuckles since then, well pretty much every time I think about it.

Robert was in the hospital in Salt Lake, he had just completed his second transplant and he had developed his nasty case of mucositis and was sleeping a lot and recovering. He woke up from a nap in the afternoon and looked over at Ashley, who was reading on her bed.
"I'm hungry Ashley."
"Okay Robert, what do you want to eat?"
"What do we have?"
Now remember that Robert didn't like eating much at all at this point, so Ashley was a little surprised. They had a cupboard in the room that they kept food in, so Ashley opened it up. She quizzed Robert about a few of the things that were in there that she thought might be easy for him to eat. He saw the box of ding dongs and said, "I want those." Again surprising, since he didn't usually like chocolate at the time.
"Okay Robert." Ashley opened one for him and handed it over. Robert took one bite and started slowly chewing. Then he set it down on the table. About a minute later her fell back to sleep.
A five minute cat nap was all he needed. When he woke up he immediately looked at Ashley wide-eyed. He spit a brown ball out on his hand and said, "what is in my mouth?". . . "Did I eat this?!?"
Ashley laughed and reassured him that he did indeed eat that bite of ding dong. She showed him the wrapper and the rest on his table.
Cracks me up every time I picture his "what the crap is in my mouth?" face. Robert loved to tell his funny hospital stories. He loved making people laugh.

The other story that has made me laugh is about my daughter Josie. If you've been reading this blog for long you may remember that she was born during the Luau Fundraiser that we held for Robert last May. Because we couldn't take our young children around Robert in Salt Lake, he didn't meet her until he was home in October.

Josie on October 6, 2009

After the second or third time that he saw Josie, Robert told Ashley, "Josie is so asymmetrical."
"You mean symmetrical?" Ashley asked.
Robert replied, "no I mean asymmetrical. You know, like if you cut an A in half it is exactly the same on both sides."
Ashley saw Robert's logic, cracked up and told him that he meant symmetrical.

Both those stories gave me a good laugh. I've been told I'm easily amused, but hopefully they will put a smile on your face too. I wanted to make sure those stories got written down, too. Please keep your stories and pictures coming too!

It really makes things easier when I am missing Robert to think of all the good memories I have of him, funny ones included. I think he is happy to see us laughing!

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