Monday, May 18, 2009

Another baby!

Janelle had her baby girl on Saturday night. So I get to grace you all with my blogging presence once more.(Excitement!) Janelle started laboring an hour into Robert's Luau fundraiser, and approximately one hour and ten minutes later she had her baby! It was quick, no one could quite believe it. I thought Steve(Janelle's husband) was teasing me when he text me letting me know I had a new niece. I had talked to Janelle only an hour earlier and she had let me know her contractions had started, so you can understand my surprise. But, boy oh boy, she is a cutie!

Josephine Claire Gratteau
7 lbs. 12 0z.
20 1/2 inches

I've decided that Josephine was so excited to be feeling all of the love at Robert's fundraiser, that she decided she also wanted to join the party. What a fun, memorable night! Full of miracles and hope.

Janelle and Josephine.
(Lookin' pretty hot for just having given birth Janelle, if I do say so myself. Hot mama.)

This picture was taken the very first time Robert was in the hospital, back in November, 2007.( I have the hottest husband ever, just throwing that out there.)

Robert has been doing better, his counts made the big jump we have been waiting for over the weekend, they went from .8 to 1.7 as of yesterday and today they were at 2.0, it's a beautiful thing. He was taken off a lot of his antibiotics today, which is very good, because one of them has been giving him a nasty rash all over his body. He has been getting stronger, he can walk by himself, but with someone right by him in case he needs someone to lean on. He has been bummed about being so weak. This is the weakest he has ever been, but he will bounce back quick, he already is starting to. Robert is still on his IV nutrition, but we are hoping his docs will start weening him off it tomorrow(crosses fingers). He has been eating a little better, of course it takes some forcing, but whatever it takes! It's all out of love.

Thank you to everyone who went to Robert's fundraiser. We hope you enjoyed yourselves! We're sorry to have missed it. Thank you for the continual prayers. All our love.


  1. I don't even know what that means but that's a big jump! Happy

  2. Bless you for posting a picture of my new niece. I have been ITCHING to see a picture of her! I hope I look that good after I deliver--wow!

    This post was chock full of awesome news--so glad to hear Robert's #s are climbing and that his strength is returning. We love you both SO MUCH! I'll call soon to catch up.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the good news!! Go Janelle, Welcome Josephine! We love you Robdob and Ashpants!
    Tammy, Trey, Trent and Tanner