Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's in a Name?

Well Robert was named after his paternal grandfather Robert Ashworth and his middle name is Kenneth, after his dad Ken. Ashley Ann was named after her maternal grandmother Beverly Ann, and because our parents really liked Ashley!
Here though I'm really wondering. . . What's in a nickname?

Robdob: When Robert was quite young his Aunt Deborah started calling him Robdob. Deborah passed away when Robert was still young, and the nickname stuck. Deborah is Ken's sister and he calls Robert Robdob more than anyone else to this day!
I'm sure Aunt Deborah had no idea that she was creating Robert's superhero alias all those years ago. Robdob is to Robert Ashworth as Superman is to Clark Kent! It is Robdob who has all the super leukemia slaying powers you know!

Ashpants: When Ashley lived in Arizona and worked at our Aunt Tammy's montessori school she got the chance to hang out with the cousins a lot. Dallin and Mandy Chase and Trevor Whiting in particular. The story goes that Dallin just stuck pants on the end of Ash one night while they were hanging out, and all three of them agreed that they went together really well. Next thing you know "Ashpants calling" appeared on the screen whenever she called any of their cell phones. The name spread and stuck, creating the superhero alias for Ashley.
And it is Ashpants who has the hot red boots and all the super supportive powers and faith in Robdob powers.

So there you have it; the story of the nicknames! We would just like to thank those who helped to create these superheroes with their fabulous, heroic names! Who knew there could be such POWER in a nickname?

P.S. Speaking of names, Brandon and Chelsa named their little guy. . . 

Griffin John Squires!

*Robert is doing well today. He continues to remain the same or steadily improve in all areas! His breathing continues to improve, allowing him to eat an extra bite every time he orders a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. His appetite is improving! He is done with his lasix today and his swelling has gone down significantly! His count is at .2 and Dr. Gollard expects it to continue to rise at this point! They did another bone marrow biopsy and Dr. G. asked to have four more markers checked this time. It appears that some of Amanda's bone marrow has hung around and is putting up a good fight. This could be part of the reason that it is taking his numbers so much longer to come up this time. That is a great sign for the next bone marrow transplant! Keep up the good fight Robdob!


  1. More about nicknames -- Ashpants is patterned after the highly intellectual and incredible super hero SpongeBob Squarepants! And because the Whitings and Chases love to give nicknames and love their cousins! We are sending love to all of you every day! Love, Tammy, Trey, Tanner and Trent

  2. I asked Ashley if that is where they got it from! In the moment she wasn't sure! Too funny! You have always been the great givers of nicknames! Thank you for your love, and know it is returned!