Sunday, May 3, 2009

Medical Update!

Loving on Daisy!

Sorry I am posting this so late for the day! Robert is doing about the same today as yesterday. The doctors talked about doing a couple of scans on him, but his white blood cell count dropped back down to .1 (Ashley says it is normal after chemo for it to yo-yo a bit before starting the steady climb up). They want to check out his organs, and be sure that they all look good, but they won't take him out of his room for any testing until his numbers come up a little.
Robert's chest x-ray came back, at least we finally got the news from it. There is still some fluid in his lungs, but it is less than the first x-ray--they are improving! He will remain on oxygen for now.
They took Robert off of his blood pressure medication today, and he has been keeping it up very well on his own. 
Ashley says he has been waking up a little more often late in the day today, and seems to be a little more coherent. While he is sleeping--different story! He has been saying some funny things in his sleep again. 
Robert: "Robdob." 
Ashley: "What Robert?"
Robert: "My nickname is Robdob!"
Ashley: "Yes it is!"
Robert: "Rhino!"
Ashley: "That is Ryan's nickname."
Robert: "Yeah, Ryan's nickname."  Then nothing, back out cold.
Later Robert was mumbling and going on about Daisy. Ashley couldn't catch it all, but then he definitely called her, "Daisy!" We figure talking, even in his sleep, is a great sign!
I'll update much earlier in the day tomorrow! I promise! :)

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  1. It will be so awesome when he gets to once again love on Daisy daily. I'm glad that he and Ashley get to love on each other daily no matter what. Robert and Ashley, you're an inspiration to us all! Love you.