Friday, May 1, 2009

Fundraising Luau & Update!

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We are so excited to be hosting this luau in honor of Robert, and to raise money for his bone marrow transplant! We are hoping to have 300 people attend this event! It should be a lot of fun. So sign up, email and call to let us know you'll be there! Thank you to everyone for their love and support of Robert and Ashley!

*Robert is about the same today. He is still receiving blood pressure medication and is on an oxygen mask. (We are still waiting to hear the results of his chest x-ray, I'll post as soon as we know.) He hasn't needed to be on a ventilator, so that is good! His blood count remains at .3 and he is receiving a lot of blood products (platelets, etc.). The doctors say that he is responding well to the IV antibiotics that he has been given to fight the nasty E-coli! He is also receiving IV nutrition again today.

The first two nights Robert was in the ICU the charge nurse on the floor was super cool and let Ashley spend the night in Robert's room. The third night (Wednesday) there was a new charge nurse who would not let Ashley sleep in Robert's room, so she slept in the waiting room--she said it was worth it for one night, because she was able to check in on him twice. Last night she was able to get permission to stay in his room again, and we are hoping that holds as long as he is in the ICU. It was a good thing Ashley was there, because Robert kept trying to get up. He was very restless. He kept taking his oxygen mask off and telling Ashley that he needed to get up to use the bathroom. Each time Ashley would hold Robert in bed, ring his night nurse and they would calm him down and convince him that he should stay in bed. We aren't doctors or nurses, but we are taking Robert wanting to get up and his talking as a good sign. Ashley said he was a little fiesty proclaiming, "I can walk!" This was his response to Ashley telling him that he was on too many medications and he didn't have the strength to walk. Robert fiesty? Sounds more like the Robert I know!

I asked Ashley if she was exhausted. She said that she is very tired, but she knows she is sustained by God, we refer to him as Heavenly Father, and your prayers. No matter how tired she is when Robert needs her, day or night, it has been easy for her to get right up and help him. Like last night, getting up those many times, she said she never felt tired while she was taking care of Robert. Ashley is not allowed to be on the ICU floor (no one besides patients and hospital staff are) from 6:30-8:00 in the morning and at night. This is when the doctors and nurses do their rounds. Ashley leaves the hospital around 6:00 am. and takes a two hour nap in her own bed, showers and returns to the hospital. At night someone from the Squires or Ashworth family meets Ashley near the hospital to hang out with her and have dinner! It makes it easier for her to be away from Robert when she knows he is alone!

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  1. Thank you for the continual updates, Ashley and Robby are so amazing and we love them so much. And Janelle and Karalee, you are the examples of angelic support. We love you all and pray for all of you!!
    Love, Trey, Tammy, Trent and Tanner