Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pictures & Update!

Tonight I took dinner to the hospital for Ashley during the time she couldn't be in Robert's room. Before you think I'm a saint, you should know that Karalee did all of the cooking and baking. I really need to get her chicken curry recipe! Our mom has been out of town, so Dad, Mom and Brittany stopped by the hospital for a visit on their way home from picking mom up from the airport! Lucky you, I had my camera with me so here are a few shots!

This picture is the motivation for taking my camera to the hospital in the first place. Ever since they discovered that the E-coli strain Robert has is antibiotic resistant this is what Ashley wears the ENTIRE time she is in Robert's room! She even sleeps in this hot get-up! Now we know why Robert was requesting snuggles today--who could resist this? Everyone, including nurses must gown up before entering Robert's room. I thought it might be fun/interesting to see a little glimpse of Ashley's life in the hospital right now.

Brittany, Dad, Ashley and Mom! We had a great time visiting together tonight!

Janelle, Ashley and mom.
Sorry, no pictures of Robert. Ashley doesn't really want to document his ICU experience with photographs. Can't say that I blame her. He doesn't look like himself.

Robert is doing better today. His neutrophil numbers remain at .1  He is maintaining his blood pressure very well on his own. He is on oxygen still, but is breathing better/more easily. He is responding well to the new medication that they have him on to take down the E-coli.
He has been awake more today and is more coherent. He hasn't spoken for awhile, and breathes through his mouth a lot. This makes it difficult to understand him when he speaks--he gets a little frustrated when people aren't understanding him. He still says some funny 'on drugs and meds' kinds of things too.
He told Ashley, "I need some snuggles!"
Ashley: "Robert, I'm not allowed to get in your bed in the ICU. I can't snuggle you. But I can touch you and rub you. Will that be okay?"
Robert: "Oh, okay."
Ashley knows he is feeling a little better when he wants enough physical contact to ask for snuggles. Ashley was feeling really positive and happy tonight. She was happy with Robert's improvements today. She is doing well also. Getting a little more rest! Hoping he is out of the ICU soon, so she can get even more!

Thank you again for the prayers and fasting on their behalf. Ashley has felt so blessed and lifted since Thursday! Good night! Loves!

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