Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go, Fight, Win!

I'm getting this update in early, since there wasn't one yesterday! Life is busy, and there hasn't been as much to share. That is a good thing--it means progress! When I talked to Ashley just now, I could hear Robert in the background. He is easier to understand, and it is more comfortable for him to speak. His breathing is less labored, too. While he still tires easily and doesn't hold long conversations, he is less frustrated by communicating. Ashley says she is getting better at understanding him and is his 'translator' when the nurses aren't sure what he is saying.
His numbers are hanging out at .2 They are still giving him lasix (apparently he has been on it for at least 3 days) to help him pee--he needs a little extra help to get rid of the extra fluid in his body. Ashley says he looks chubbier than he has in a long while, but it is because he has some swelling in his arms and legs. He still has some fluid from them bringing up his blood pressure, but at this point, most of it is from being on IV nutrition and fluids and not getting out of bed at all.
They are running more tests on his e-coli, this takes a little while. Right now--no news is good news. Ashley is so happy to have him more alert and aware, and communicating with her more. We expect him to just keep improving. Robdob is a fighter! He is putting up the good fight and winning this round!

A reminder about the Luau Fundraiser:

Click on the Luau Fundraiser link above to see a full size version of flyer!

We have extended the RSVP date until Monday, May 11th. Our goal is for 300 people to attend or donate whatever they can, although we have not yet hit the minimum of 100 needed to attend the dinner for catering, etc. So, please let us know soon if you can make it. We would love to eat incredibly delicious food and party with you as we celebrate Robert's current and future successes! The financial support they will receive from fundraisers such as this greatly ease the burden of Robert's illness and its attending medical bills. Thank you for all the love and support!

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