Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Upstairs. . .

On the third floor in the maternity wing of the very same hospital in which they currently reside, Robdob and Ashpants got a new nephew last night. Early this morning, actually. Ashley's brother, Brandon, and his wife, Chelsa, had their first baby, a little boy. . . who is yet to be named! (Some of we Squires take our time naming our little ones.)

He was born at 4:42 am. He is 18 inches long and weighed in at 6lbs lloz ! He couldn't be any cuter, even if he tried really hard!

Ashley, Chelsa, Baby Boy Squires and Brandon!

Ashley has enjoyed having family so close and has admired the new little guy at least three times today! I think she enjoyed being the one to stop and pick up lunch to take to them in the hospital. It has been great to have something so wonderful to celebrate in the same hospital in which our heroic Robdob is fighting his battle. So today we celebrate new life, heroism and looking forward to the day when the beaming new parents in the picture are Robdob and Ashpants!

*Robert is doing pretty well. His numbers are .2 today. His oxygen levels are holding well, but his breathing has been a little labored today, so if his numbers are up more tomorrow the doctors would like to drain some fluid from his lungs. They would also like to take him and run their scans on him. His antibiotics are kicking e-coli's butt! He has been awake more today than even yesterday. He is holding steady or improving in every arena he is currently fighting in! Way to go Robdob!!!


  1. Supe cute post! I'm glad Ashley's had the chance to love on that cute little guy. I hope the picture of the 4 of them shows up soon, though. I can't see it right now, which is strange.

  2. Congrats to your family! I am so excited for Brandon and Chelsa. We love you all.