Sunday, May 10, 2009

DNA Sunday

We would love to introduce to you tonight the last of the Squires' siblings to be featured on DNA Sunday! Last, but definitely not least! This is Elyssa Jean Squires! She is the sixth child in the family. She is very creative. She has always been artistic and loves writing. She is funny, sweet and outrageously exciting! She currently attends Brigham Young University Idaho (BYUi) and she writes and edits for the school newspaper there. Here is a little more about her in her own words:

What is your favorite color?  

I like all colors.  I am quite the colorful person.  I particularly enjoy mustard yellow, pea green, and deep teal.

What makes you laugh?  

My family, more than anything. Also people’s funny quirks/habits.  I love when anyone marches to the beat of their own drum—it amuses and delights me!

 If you had to live somewhere for the rest of your life, where would it be? 

Anywhere my family was!  Or maybe Seattle.  LOVE that city.

Describe yourself in one word.  

I’m taking the liberty of two: TOTAL SASS.

What is your favorite possession?  

My favorite possession is the ukulele I recently inherited from my Grandma Bev.  It was handmade in Hawaii and it is GORGEOUS and sounds amazing, too!  It would be followed closely by my journals and my cello.

What is your passion?  

My passion is beauty.  Making life more beautiful, and more worth living.  Finding beauty where I don’t expect it.  That is a lot of why I have such a creative drive.  It is also why I think relationships are so amazing and important, because they bring meaning and beauty to life.

What surprises you most about your life so far?  

What surprises me most is how fast it has gone.  I remember being eight and truly thinking that I would never be old enough to be in high school.  Now high school has come and gone.  I think I am always surprised to realize how much of my life is behind me (and I’m only 19!).

Favorite holiday?  

Halloween.  This may surprise my family, but the other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have to share my siblings with their in-laws, and I always miss them!  But we almost always get together and have a party on Halloween, and show off our awesome costumes.

Worst habit?  

Second guessing myself.

Favorite dinner/food?  

Barbecue chicken pizza and raspberries.  Always!

Favorite dessert/sweet? 

Hmmm ice cream ice cream ice cream.  And anything I bake.  Things always taste the best when you bake them yourself.

Favorite book?  

So many!  I really love Frankenstein  by Mary Shelley, Extremely Loud and Incredible Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, and The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

If I knew then what I know now?  

Then what would be the point of living and finding it out?

The nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?  

I always feel so blessed and loved to know that my family is praying for me.

Something no one knows about you?   

I have over 50 moles on my body.

Quality you like most about yourself?  

I like that I am passionate about things.  I love that I care so much; I could never stand being an apathetic or indifferent person.

Biggest waste of time?  

Sleeping.  Why do we have to do this?

Most happy when?  

I am surrounded by family, when I am making something that is beautiful/good, when I am making someone else happy, when I am reading something good.

Most embarrassing moment?  

Only every day of my life.

Thank you Elyssa!

*Robert's numbers are up to .3 today!!! Dr. Gollard thinks that it is possible that because Robert's blood pressure got so low when he was admitted to the ICU that his blood was directed to his vital organs and away from his bone marrow, causing the drop in his count--and keeping it low for so long. The good news is that they think his numbers will only keep going up from here.
Robdob is getting the pressure to eat from the nurses and doctors. They would like to get him off IV nutrition soon. He is drinking his Ensure well, but it is still a little difficult to eat (he gets a little cranky when eating under pressure!) Ashpants says he is eating better, and it keeps getting easier!
Everything else keeps improving. They may allow him to leave his room for more tests soon if his numbers keep climbing, so we will keep you posted when we know more!

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