Friday, May 29, 2009

Puppy love.

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been a few days. With new babies and us getting settled in and all, it's been a bit busy.Things are going well. Robert and I are glad to be home, even though we still have a lot of appointments and things going on. We are at a clinic and he is getting blood as I type this. 3 bags of blood, so we will be here a while. I really love blood donors. They have literally helped save Robert's life numerous times. So all you blood donors... I love you. Really, really love you. You are my heroes.
Isn't Daisy adorable? She was so excited to have Robert back around. Oh how she loves Robert. She loves me too, of course, but with her and Robert it's different. They have a bond. Maybe because Robert wanted her all along, I kind of had to be talked into it a bit, I really think dog's know that kind of stuff. Either way, we love having her in our little family. She is so fun. We will really miss her while we're in Utah.
Robert's numbers have been a little low since he got our of the hospital. Which is why he is getting blood today. He still gets worn out easily and tired, but his energy is slowly improving each day and moving around is getting easier. His appetite has been a lot better. He lost about 10 pounds this last hospital visit, pounds that he needs. He weighs about the same as me right now. Honestly. So we are trying to pack on the pounds before his transplant. Things are coming together for his transplant, we are hoping he will be getting it in about 3 weeks, maybe a little less. He re-did his echo-cardiogram yesterday and they gave him a pass. Yay! His heart is good to go. He still needs a lumbar puncture, but they can't do that until his platelet count is above 100. It is around 30 right now. They will do a lumbar puncture to see if there are any leukemia cells hanging out in his spinal fluid.

Things are going well, it's been so nice to sleep in our own bed and get away from hospital food(Sighs with enjoyment at the thought). We wish we didn't have so many appointments, but we know it's better than being in the hospital, so we are just grateful! Thank you for the prayers, concern, love. All of it. We love you all.

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  1. In response to Daisy--"no, your skinny needle nose face does!" (make your butt look big!) Ha ha, very funny and cute post! I miss your face and your blog--loving my baby though! I love you guys! Keep up the good eats!