Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just add milk.

So, RobDob has been loving Trix cereal here at the hospital. He eats it for breakfast every morning, and for the last couple of days, he orders them for lunch as well. The nurses get a kick out of it. The first time he got it for lunch they looked a little confused when they brought his tray in, and asked if he had ordered them, thinking it was a mistake. Even his General Doc came in when he was eating them, laughed, and said "Trix are for kids!" He is awesome. I can't complain at all, because really, hospital food is nasty(don't let anyone tell you different. If they do, they are lying). So I enthusiastically encourage anything that sounds the least bit delicious to him. Bring on the Trix.
Robert continues to improve everyday. It is getting easier for him to walk, and get around by himself, although walking the shortest distances even wipes him out. His white count is 5.7 today. Which is good. Usually by this time it would be quite a bit higher, but with everything his body has been through it has taken a bit longer this time. Robert's results from his gall bladder ultrasound was normal, which rocks. His liver has been improving slowly, and he is off his IV nutrition. YAY! So he has been slowly eating a little bit more since coming off of it. We are hoping to be able to go home tomorrow. Dr. Gollard said it was a possibility, but he wants to see what his platelet count is tomorrow, to see if it can hold it's own, since he has been getting platelet transfusions almost daily. Platelets are the last of the blood counts to recover after chemotherapy, it just takes them a little bit longer. So if they hold their own, and Robert is doing well, tomorrow might be the day! It marks our 5th week being here this hospital stay. So it's safe to say that we are both welcoming the a-okay to get out of this joint! The thing I most look forward to: sleeping in my own bed, and I think Robert would concur. Dr. Gollard is in cahoots with the Huntsman, figuring out the plan for RobDob. So I will let you all know what I hear in the next week or so.

Thank you again for the prayers, the love, the blessings! I know I say it often, and I will continue to, because I am so grateful. All our love.

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