Saturday, June 20, 2009

Captain Morgan

As promised in the "Favorite Things" post earlier this week, here's a picture of RobDob in his new hat.

One day when Robert was home between Salt Lake trips, he sported the lovely new straw hat his mom bought him and enjoyed a little soak in the pool. He calls this his "Captain Morgan" pose. :)

Daisy got some pool time, too.

Robert and Ashley arrived in Salt Lake Thurs. afternoon. The only bad part of their trip was that Robert got a migraine on the way. He's continued to get headaches since the lumbar puncture. The radiologist told them how the radiation would work and that they would make a custom shield for his lungs to protect them during the radiation. The Dr. also said that the headaches would have to be under control before the radiation could begin. So, they went to the ER that night to work on the headaches. He got a couple bags of fluid and some medication for the headaches.

When they're not at the Dr. or hospital, Robert rests and eats. Ashley cooks for him and is working on getting them unpacked and settled into their temporary home.


  1. you guys are amazing! love you both!

  2. I want you to know I follow your blog! My husband is a CML Bone Marrow Transplant patient. In fact today is his 3 year anniversary of receiving his sister's cells. I want you to know Ashley and Robert my thoughts and prayers are always with you. My husband is cancer free but has had GVHD since a month after transplant. His GVHD is in his liver and mouth. It is not fun, but we are so grateful for the journey and our family has been so blessed through this experience. May you feel peace and comfort at this time.

  3. Our thoughts & prayers are with you guys - we think about you all the time and hope this bone marrow transplant is a success.

    We will keep checking your blog.

    Robert I love the hat - you guys look good!! Know we are praying daily for you.

    Kathy & Kent Gratteau

  4. Our prayers are with you both! We love you!