Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Superhero Fans in the Waiting Room

Wow! What amazing superhero fans there are in RobDob's waiting room. Thank you to all who have commented on the last post so far--keep the comments coming! I know your prayers, thoughts, and encouragement mean the world to our superheroes.

Only a true superhero could be as tan as RobDob is even after a 5-week stay in the hospital.

Ashpants and RobDob sharing some love after the baby blessing this past Sunday.

Ashpants showing off her hot new shoes. Her super boots needed a break.

We had a wonderful and eventful weekend enjoying time with family. Robert and Ashley had a graduation party with the Ashworth's, and Josephine's baby blessing. After the blessing we had a delicious meal at the Squires. Unfortunately they left on Monday so they missed out on the actual graduation ceremony for Brittany and Alycia. I am sure they were crushed.

I spoke with Ashley briefly this morning and she said Robert's testing is going well so far. He had already gotten a lumbar puncture and was scheduled for his bone marrow biopsy at noon today. That was his last big test, and I believe his final test is tomorrow morning at eight. They will head home after that, and they are excited to come home again. Even if it is for just a little while. I will post again tomorrow once I know how everything went. We love you all.

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