Monday, June 15, 2009

RobDob's Favorite Things

Ashley's home cooking,
And video games with brothers.
Sleeping in his own bed,
And his pillow full of feathers.
Snuggles from Daisy,
And a new hat for his head...(picture of him wearing it will post in a day or two)
These are a few of Rob's favorite things...

While RobDob plays the waiting game (for all of last week's test results), he is definitely enjoying a few of his favorite things.

The only other test result that's in is the biopsy of the bumps on the back of his leg. They are indeed a grouping of leukemia cells. It concerns the docs a bit that the bumps are there even after his last two rounds of chemo. Robert and Ashley are looking forward to getting the rest of the test results because after those are known, the doctors will be able to devise a treatment plan.

Robert and Ashley are enjoying their time back in Vegas, although Ashley is wishing there was a more solid plan so she knew whether or not she should be packing right now for their 4-month stay in Salt Lake. Robert has been getting headaches off and on from the lumbar puncture he had this past Thurs. Ashley said that aside from the headaches, he is feeling pretty well. He got a massage from Karalee today. They've spent a lot of time at his parents' house--hanging out with Daisy and his siblings who are out of school now and always available to entertain Robert with video games.

Thank you for your continued love and prayers--they are Robert and Ashley's most favorite thing at this time.

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